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  1. bububu un bubububu

  2. Veredus #2 Right here :lol:

  3. can you post only vga graded games? love to see that :)

  4. Crazy collector here!!! This guy has an epic collection soon..

  5. Very nice Guy to deal with , i bought from him Super Metroid Big Box !

    Cheers ;)

  6. Geo is one of the most serrious and well manered collectors i ever met ! A Real 'Treasure' to this Forum ! Not mentioning his New stunning Snes collection that is worth dying for ,The New Snes King :wow:

  7. Val one of the true Collectors out there! Respect !

  8. When I meet him here, I was very impressed because he could make out all the creases of different games. Then, i was saying: "he is crazy? I like the condition of this one". But, now I understand.....for me the most serious collector at Greece!

  9. Very professional collector - Creme de la creme !

    Wont have any issues with John.

  10. Helloooo Geozzzzzz !

  11. I dont want a new Avatar! I love it! Let me alone! :(


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