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  1. Best mate when you have any VGA questions or to fill out a whole submission!!! Loooool.. :D

    Thanks for your help mate! Very appreciated!

  2. Sancho brother, telling me how to find the grails and how to make the mad tacos is a must :)

  3. Wow, you are only 6 months older then me. Lol

  4. My good friend . Love you mate !!

  5. the grand master of the BROTHERhood

  6. Hi Valius, im your half-bro. :D


  7. If you want anything from my Br0ther make sure you give him an indecent offer or you will get nothing.

  8. Val is a true 46yr old collector...Lots of Class and Respect bro :)

  9. Mike is a great collector and very professional !

  10. Val one of the true Collectors out there! Respect !

  11. I like this guy because he loves Super Nintendo! Maybe the best console ever!!

  12. Professional seller - Nothing goes wrong with Adam

  13. What can I say .... Simply Irresistibly !!

  14. rarecube is also a very OLD collector ;)

  15. val is my br0ther !!

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