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  1. hi are there any ps1 sealed games that you still need just wondering

  2. looks great Matt!

    Still glowing after our Playstation trade, hope you're happy with the sealed PSX games!

  3. Hello Bossmonster long time no see!!!

    hows the collection growing????

  4. Sammel the ps1 King!!!!!

    dont forget to update the full-cover list!!!!


    Yours Sincerley

    esquire - Duke of sammel1

  5. Very nice written "About Me"-page! The PSX is a wonderful console! Much more fun and good luck with further collecting! :)

  6. Nice 'About Me' page Matt <3

  7. have now added about me page!!

  8. Hey Paul,

    Thats a great story there,cant believe you now on the 3rd full set collection!!!

    Do you have any regrets on selling the sealed stuff first time round?do you think its still possible to get a full sealed set??

    I could say thou i would have swapped games for a Honda(i had a jap CRX Si)1989 beautifull car which is now gone.....

    hmmm i think i need to do my...

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