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  1. You are an awesome seller on eBay, I have bought three of your pieces and they are just great! You are KING!

  2. Have had outstanding interactions with Bucky in the business realm, great person to buy from!

  3. king dingis right here!

  4. The main guy to speak with regarding sealed video games IMO.

  5. A very good seller, he don't hide flaws, items arrived as described in a very sure package !

  6. The most professional seller I have found in my 5 years of collecting

  7. Hey good sir. Thanks again for all the trades/sales in the past!

  8. Professional seller - Nothing goes wrong with Adam

  9. I just want to let you know that im a big fan of your. I just joined SGH and the only person that i reconige is you because of your ebay name. Im new to sealed game collecting (1 year) and your have an amazing collection.

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