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  1. I miss my childhood, where the hardest decision was choosing which nintendo game to play... ..

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    2. justice


      I learned that things change, people change, that doesn't mean you forget the past or try to cover it up. It simply means that you move on and treasure the memories..

    3. Tweegee Twee

      Tweegee Twee

      Me too. I have lost my "gaming feeling" (it's like a drug what invaded me when i was a child and on my adolescence), I dont know why no enjoy playing my games now, i become old and sad, further it will be worst on the future. I fill of difuse memories about my gaming joy.

    4. Matthew


      I agree with Tweegee.


      I remember the days where I'd hire or buy a game, and have mega long sessions that go on for hours trying to beat the game, find every secret, input every cheat, and play so much multiplayer.


      These days? I can barely play an hour straight. Not cos I'm busy, but the spark just isn't there. Even the classics I smashed heaps of like SMB3 or DKC back in the day; yeah, they're still heaps of fun, but I shouldn't have to force myself :(

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