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  1. DS, GB, GBA, GBC Games wanted - see my profile

  2. DS games wanted please!

    1. Gemini-Phoenix


      Any particular titles? I still have a handful of duplicates in my tradebox...

  3. VGA Grading? worth it if only a bronze likely?

    1. Merci


      Get a hammer just incase.

    2. mestizo


      depends on your reason for grading

  4. Just found your Zelda:ALTTP box on eBay while doing my daily search. Lovely and super jealous!

  5. nice read "about me"

  6. Paul - your "About Me" page is written very nice! I love your life-story...its written like a book --> I love this book and even more the Snes console! :)

  7. Indeed!! That was impossible but finally...impossible is nothing. I think that we won't see at the future a collection like yours. Thank you for letting us watching those incredible dreamy pictures!

  8. I look at my sealed game pictures and it just reminds me of what an achievement it was. In my mind the mission was accomplished, and I have no desire or no need to do it again, but apart from 1 or 2 games it would be pretty easy to emulate, given enough financial muscle. As for the full set of sealed pal snes, unless you willing to add in french blisters, It is very unlikely to be possible.

  9. Hey Paul,

    Thats a great story there,cant believe you now on the 3rd full set collection!!!

    Do you have any regrets on selling the sealed stuff first time round?do you think its still possible to get a full sealed set??

    I could say thou i would have swapped games for a Honda(i had a jap CRX Si)1989 beautifull car which is now gone.....

    hmmm i think i need to do my...

  10. Check my about ME page I have added my life story lol

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