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  1. I've been warning you guys for years about going OUTSIDE! Be more like me... stay INSIDE!

  2. Do you love reading essays? Do you feel that there's not enough essays in your life? Want more essays? Throw me something to work with - a suggestion or a topic - and I'll respond with an essay. Give me something to work with here, folks! :)

  3. Missing... presumed dead!

  4. Actually own so many sealed games I don't even know what I have or how many games I own! :/

    1. C3l3stial


      I suggest you make a mini data base on your phone. I did that after I bought Super Mario Galaxy three times..

    2. Gemini-Phoenix


      It's finding the time & actually being bothered to make another database & also keep on top of it

    3. justice
  5. Eagerly awaiting the release of Pier Solar HD on Dreamcast! Soon!

  6. I have a handful of sealed UK DS & 3DS games to sell / trade, including some Pokémon titles!

  7. X360 CE's & SteelBooks for sale. See marketplace for list

  8. X360 CE's & SteelBooks for sale. See marketplace for list

  9. X360 CE's & SteelBooks for sale. See marketplace for list

  10. Everything in my trade box going on eBay this week! Last chance to make me offers!

    1. Matthew


      What games you got mate?

    2. Gemini-Phoenix


      Please check the marketplace for my threads :)

  11. COMING SOON! G-P's Room Of Treasure 2.0...

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Gemini-Phoenix


      New house = New Room Of Treasure! I'm open to design ideas ;)

    3. DarkSol


      In a Year 2020.. maybe :P

    4. Anderwin


      Where was my PM XD

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