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GerMONGS are the best and most wise people in the world. Without gerMONGS this forum wouldnt exist and u wouldnt be an admin davey wavey! :D <3


Cool stuff @SealedBigBox! :)

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On 11/24/2018 at 9:59 PM, happyheed said:

a don't think enze needs you to protect him :lol:  .. enze is actually one of the best wise gerMONGS :boast:

I agree, Enze is strong enough to protect himself, yes. I felt a bit offended myself when u said "germongs", because im also german as u know of course, but u know that i feel offended a bit faster than others, haha. The post wasnt even meant bad or against you dave, but what i wrote, is fact as you know best. :):friends:

p.s. actually i dont care when u say "germongs", u can go on and still say it in the future if u want. Im used to it and actually dont care lol. Sometimes i should just keep my mouth shut!

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