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Kim Simonsson

Kim's Zelda PAL collection

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I'll just break your reply into smaller pieces to reply to each part individually :smoke:


15 hours ago, Kim Simonsson said:

I’ll start working on befriending this Watson person asap so I have that covered.

"This Watson person".. Come on, Kim. You've got to have at least heard about her. She is not swedish though, that may be the problem. I heard that swedes prefer befriending and hanging out with people from the same country, but I don't know why. Maybe you like just talking your native language? Swedes and danishes do indeed make a killer combo and I am sure you are all having a blast most of the time. But you would need a couple of english speaking guys in the mix. Thats where @rarebucky and @happyheed can be great to socialize with. An american and a scotsman, I mean wow


15 hours ago, Kim Simonsson said:

Meanwhile feel free to spam this thread with random nonsense

Its not a part of my nature to post "random nonsense"... Who am I kidding, of course it is. According to various sources, I think I may be the king of nonsense. Some may call my awesome nonsense funny posts trolling because they feel struck by my brilliant sense of humor. But thats on them, not me. My humor is brilliant and deep down you all know that. Everyone of you. Even you, @Enze, you epic, german fart, you. I don't let your trolling get to me, instead I'll just smile and say "What a fucktard" to the screen and hope that the words are transmitted through the net and out of your speakers which I am sure mostly plays Pink Floyd and Scar Symmetry


15 hours ago, Kim Simonsson said:

like pictures of two dudes hitting it of, while seated on a canon, or whatever random bullshit you might find! :)

Lastly, there is this. I mean, two guys on a canon.... Sounds like an intro to a very gay love story, probably a drunk one written in some weird english-ish language. I would think that is can be something like this if written by one of you, or the guy thats hanging out with you (Dave or who else are on vacation in Sweden??) - "Heres me two bast metes, two of ta gr8zt gyz evr. Tel thy th4t they hav me blezzng. The cann is kewl t0000. Aftr a night out, th3y discoverd the canon down by that seaz, thn eachthr nd thats the intro, guys."

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The market have been very cold when it comes to raw sealed Zelda games. Found these two though, and I'm very happy about that. OoT N64 and standard Links Awakening are still missing.



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