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I Joined SGH on April 19th 2015 just after buying my first sealed game a week or so before, I grew up on retro games thanks to my dad & uncle with my favourite & fondest childhood memories being on the Sega Mega drive, SNES, N64, GC, PS1 & PS2.


When I first started collecting with my brother "Roshan256" and my uncle the notorious “Floydscave”; I looked on ebay and seen games like “Super Mario All-Stars” selling for like 1k, which seemed Absolutely crazy, back then I wouldnt spend more than £200!! However I got sucked in and went a bit crazy myself.


My sealed game goal in the beginning was to get all the Gamecube Mario titles since they were more affordable & getting any SNES/N64 Mario titles just seemed impossible.

However now the sealed game goal is to get all sealed first print (PAL UK/EURO) Mario titles for SNES, N64, GC and any other childhood games that mean a lot to me.





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1 hour ago, sedy_vadi said:

Nice Mario set for N64! :good3: My congrats with these rare titles!

Thanks you very much bro! :) 

10 minutes ago, aeiko said:

Very nice mate :)

cheers bud! :) 

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I forgot to add this in:


Still looking for...


Mario Power tennis

Super Smash football

Mario Golf:Toadstool Tour

Paper Mario

Mario Party 6


give me a shout if any one has any of these in gold condition cheers :) 

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Thank you to everyone for your kind comments it means alot coming from you guys who have been collecting for a long time!, and im glad i can share it with you guys, i will hopefully have more new adds soon, and will update regularly :) 


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4 hours ago, GPS said:

Good stuff Bhaker! Thanks for finally doing some juicy updates, worth a look for sure!


3 hours ago, tkC said:

Great collection Gurdeep, my favourite being Paper Mario, keep up the good work.

Thank you guys! :) 

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