BremZ General & Legend Of Zelda Collection

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Awesome adds, Chris! It's good to see that you're striving to get the best of the best. :good3:


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18 hours ago, tkC said:

Great idea Chris and some fantastic adds there, especially Mario Kart :wow2::good2: I think a part of collecting is shifting your collection goals till you're completely happy, I'm certainly guilty of that too!


thanks mate! Yeah I feel much better the direction im going now :) 


18 hours ago, happyheed said:

yeah mate , all our collections evolve as do our collecting habits ..


i love that mp2 85+ and the mario golf 90 :fap:


congratz on all your new additions :good2:


Cheers Dave :) Just need that Mario Party for the trio! haha 


8 hours ago, MattyDread said:

Love it mate all world class additions.



Cheers Matty, Super happy to get Mario Kart 64, one of the best ever N64 titles imo


5 hours ago, Enzephalon said:


that is the right way to do it chris, good strategy and this will lead to more satisfaction and less stress in collecting at all. You evolved, congrats mate :cuddle:


Thanks Enze! Yeah your right, I don't feel so obliged to buy every N64 title under the sun now, Feel im collecting for the reason I really started, the love of video games :gamer4:






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I agree with Enze, only collect what u love Chris. Not worthwhile to go for every shit title which doesnt make u happy in the end and which u maybe only buy because it has a red strip seal around it, haha. :)

...and as i see, your doing it right! My favorite is the Mario Golf VGA90, damn! Beautiful gem in my opinion! Congrats on the latest adds, good job mate! :)


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