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Scudd's VGA Collection

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These are all my graded games :)










And this :unsure:




Alone in the Dark, One-eyed Jack's Revenge 85+

Breath of fire IV 85+

Chrono Chross 90

Grandia 85+

Legend of Dragoon PROMO 80

Legend of Mana 90+

Metal Gear Solid 90

Suikoden 85+

Suikoden 2 90

Tales of Destiny 2 85+

Xenogears 90

Valkyrie Profile 90+

Wild Arms 85+ Archival

Final Fantasy 80

A link to the past 75

Majoras Mask 85+

Ocarina of time 85+

Devil May Cry 3 85

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Thanks !


Yes, Chrono Cross is a great game but I must admit I haven't played Xenogears, yet.


I saw the DMC 3 at tradera for like 5 bucks so I bidded and ended up winning it :lol:

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