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Happyweed Sealed Collection

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I don't get how that amount of games can all be in that great condition, I mean graded at 95 they should be untouched by human hands, don't have shit stains or anything, from what I can gather based on statements made by the professional gold collectors on here through the years?


I find it ok that a couple of games may be graded gold++ because you know, video-games store owners who used cotton gloves when removing the games from their cases back in the 90s because they knew that the games would be crazy rare and expensive someday but still, to get so many gold graded, even at 85+, graded games that are soon to be 30 years old.. That is way beyond and over my head


But congrats, Dave. Lets hope you keep them coming till you have the complete set. Including YB SMW :smoke:

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