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  1. Lefalaja

    Gamesgaryjp's PS2 Sealed PAL Collection

    wtf is this!!! what is that you don't collect mate!!! this shows have many nights you have been wasted (more then 120 times)
  2. Lefalaja

    Dark Sol's PS2 Collection

    Without u mate it would have never been possible ever no problem mate... don't need to thank me
  3. Lefalaja

    Dark Sol's PS2 Collection

    i kill you dead three times meanwhile.. lets meet then? time and place? finally i get to check my list that i have killed a russian shrek 2 for gamecube
  4. Lefalaja

    Dark Sol's PS2 Collection

    lots of shrek 2 for gamecube games there DS
  5. Lefalaja

    Mega Man Collection

    holy crap.... going through all 246 pictures of megaman it's just nuts... sanna you really need help LOL in the other hand, what A KKIN COLLECTION just amazing
  6. you CC maniac LOL nice to see you are not gone
  7. i kill u dead... 3 times

  8. Lefalaja

    Dark Sol's PS2 Collection

    wtf! these games are not graded! you suck DS
  9. Lefalaja

    CIB PS1 Long Box 100% Variant Set

    suck my longbox wrk
  10. Lefalaja

    Sandrik's Retro Collection

    sand that is sick
  11. Lefalaja

    Badtz Maru sealed game collection

    badtz that is great stuff
  12. Lefalaja

    My sealed ps1 collection

    that KAIN is :heat: :heat: :heat: :heat: :heat:
  13. she asked for 0110