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  1. syphon

    My sealed ps1 collection

    hey mballi, i see your last login was two years ago. i hope you still are at least lurking here sometimes do you still collect ps1 games or did you gave up with it? it would be nice to hear what's going on. please leave a message. thanks!
  2. syphon

    Chippo's PAL Playstation ® selection

    hello, yes, i know you were talking about the fullcover games. but the point is: to get all ps1 pal games in sealed condition, you need also to get all sealed fullcover releases. but finding fullcover games in sealed condition isn't as easy as finding later ps1 titles from the end of the 90's/ 2000. one reason is, earlier fullcover games were less produced because less consoles were sold back in 1995/1996 than in 1999/2000's. makes sense, right lol? the second reason is, back in 1995/1996 when the ps1 was hot and new on the market it was expensive. just think what you all needed to enjoy it fully: console, some games, a second controller for your friends or family members, one or two memory cards, etc. people were just lucky to have it at all so really, no one really thought or cared about buying sealed games and collect them back then...... so yeah, what i want to say is that i always have to chuckle when someone makes a thread or a post and seriously announces his goal is to get all pal ps1 games in sealed condition. that's just not possible. sorry.
  3. syphon

    Chippo's PAL Playstation ® selection

    there is no collector on this planet with a full sealed pal games collection for the ps1! it's just not possible! you would have to start collecting since the console came out in 1995. if someone says "i am wrong, not true", please post some pictures or post a link to a website/forum where you can see someones full sealed ps1 pal collection! i bet you cant find it!