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  1. Kim Simonsson

    Kim's Zelda PAL collection

    The market have been very cold when it comes to raw sealed Zelda games. Found these two though, and I'm very happy about that. OoT N64 and standard Links Awakening are still missing.
  2. Kim Simonsson

    Happyweed Sealed Collection

    Man... didn’t even know inks awakening had a red strip. Thought Links Awakening DX was the only PAL-version with red strip. One more to hunt then...
  3. Kim Simonsson

    Kim's Zelda PAL collection

    I’ll start working on befriending this Watson person asap so I have that covered. Meanwhile feel free to spam this thread with random nonsense, like pictures of two dudes hitting it of, while seated on a canon, or whatever random bullshit you might find!
  4. Kim Simonsson

    tkC's Superlatives

    If you’re selling any interesting Zelda-stuff to help fund that car, then hit me with a PM. DX, Zelda 1 Classics & Ocarina N64 are games missing from my collection. Preferably non-graded.
  5. Kim Simonsson

    Kim's Zelda PAL collection

    I’ll buy you a beer if the thread reaches 1000 posts! Regarding ALBW. I think it boils down to me preferring the top down Zelda’s, and I find ALBW better than ALTTP. However, I get your point. Objectivly I cannot say ALBW being the best Zelda game. But I find it to be the best top down Zelda. If Nintendo made a proper console top down Zelda with high budget I’m sure It would beat the shit out of ALBW. Same with Super Metroid, if a new high budget 2D console Metroid were to ever happen.
  6. Kim Simonsson

    Kim's Zelda PAL collection

    Yeah, I don't think I have much going when compared to other collectors. I do have quite a lot of sealed Zelda games, sure, but lack all the real exclusive games. I don't have a adventure set, oracle of limited edition or minish cap limited edition. Not even sure if it's realistic to get these sealed with an average income while still having a functional economy, savings and what not. At the moment I'm more interested in completing what I consider to be a complete PAL sealed collection. Favorite game is actually A Link Between Worlds! However when it comes to Zelda it's usually the mood of the day really that determine which one is the best one. All of them are great in their own way. But yeah Wind Waker is gem. I'm pro the cell shaded graphics and toon look. Hehe, I agree that it's somewhat nice to see the games the way they were displayed in store.
  7. Kim Simonsson

    Kim's Zelda PAL collection

    Got some new stock about two weeks ago or so. Also think I've added two more Collector's (GC) which should make the total count up to five copies. Need to take individual pics someday and do a more proper update. The only new one that I didn't have from before is the gold inlay version of Ocarina of Time 3DS. Also couldn't resist on Wand of Gamelon. What a piece of shit. The others are just additional copies or switches for a UK4 release (scandinavian) rather than UKV.
  8. Kim Simonsson

    Hard Work Pays Off Dante

    For someone as me, who have no insight to the DMC collector sphere... what title is the most difficult one to get your hands on? DMC3?
  9. Kim Simonsson

    tkC's Superlatives

    Very nice DK. And the collection as a whole is really something. I wouldn’t mind that Zelda 1 Classics GBA. Or multiple copies of ALTTP...
  10. Kim Simonsson

    Kim's Zelda PAL collection

    The different Wind Waker cases are just crazy. I guess it's fun that there are different ones, but at the same time I have a hard time justifying them as different "versions". Obviously the limited edition, standard and players choice are different. Yeah I do like the sealed TLoZ for NES! It's the GPS version of the game. Presumably the distributors had a cap to order a minimum of 5000 copies in order for the print to get a localized released. Here in Sweden (Scandinavia) the distributor "Bergsala" was Nintendo's partner, and all the localizations had the mark "SCN", except in the very early days where the majority of the black series games are labeled ECC. In the end of life of the NES Bergsala and the equivalents in the other EU countries couldn't reach the minimum cap hence the general region code GPS was invented with all ENG text in manuals and games. Distributors could print their own translated manuals on regular paper on put in the box. Funnily enough these printed papers today are some of the most rare collectors items. At least in Scandinavia.
  11. Kim Simonsson

    Kim's Zelda PAL collection

    Thanks! Zelda II you say. I’m actually not aware of any sealed PAL-B release of that game? But maybe UK got a PAL-A release? I’ve seen some exklusive sealed PAL-A games, like Mega Man 4. I’m thinking that if I cant play the game on a unit that was sold here then I probably wont get that game. Haha. Yeah sorry for the avatar. The butch in the back is my childhood friend. I’m tje one in the front, looking pleased.
  12. Kim Simonsson

    Kim's Zelda PAL collection

    We live and breath red tearstrip! Does anyone have objections if I say that the games missing for a complete PAL collections would be: Zelda 1 Classics GBA Ocarina of Time N64 Link's awakening DX GBC What to include in a complete sealed PAL-collection is debatable of course. Should an MM adventure set be considered for example? I also know that I lack the "not for resale" version of Wind Waker to Gamecube, if you count different inlay versions. Would be really fun (and helpful) to hear the forums thoughts on this topic.
  13. Kim Simonsson

    Kim's Zelda PAL collection

    Thanks! I’ll check it out. In fact I need to have a look at a lot of the collections here on the forum. But the Zelda collections have priority of course. Two men huggning while seated on a old Swedish canon from the 16th century. I’m not much for the avatars & aliases. My lack of imagination makes me the least anonomous person on the internet, hehe.
  14. Kim Simonsson

    Kim's Zelda PAL collection

    Thanks BremZ! Yeah the doubles are, doubles. The NGC Wind Wakers have different colored cases if you would count that as a variant. Yeah @Matthew! A really overlooked franchise for sure! Thanks for the Zelda love. Appreciate it!
  15. Kim Simonsson

    Kim's Zelda PAL collection

    Hi all! Joined a while ago and always wanted to create showcase. Unfortunately time is very limited so it never really happened, until now. I managed to get photos of the majority of my games in the Zelda series. I skipped all the various big box versions, limited editions and whatnot that didn't come sealed anyway. This is sealed games heaven after all. So my goal with this Zelda collection is to have every PAL game in the entire series sealed. As you can see from the pictures below there are some obvious ones missing, like Ocarina of Time (N64) for example. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any sealed Zelda games you wanna get rid of and we may come to an agreement. I live in Sweden so all games are SWD/SCN/SWF wherever applicable. This is an active choice from my part. I don't want any UKV-releases unless it's the only one available sealed. I don't know how all the multiple copies of the same game came to be. Other collectors tend to think that's retarded and I cannot blame someone for thinking so. And last but not least; I don't do any VGA-rating and have no plans to rate any games. I realize VGA-rating your games is the norm on this forum but hope you all respect my decision to not rate.