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  1. Mario's little Collection

    Meanwhile a few days have passed and there is a small update! I am going to equip my collection in my gaming room with LEDs, as soon as that is done there is again an update with photos. My Ocarina of Time Collectors Edition arrived at VGA and is getting graded, next week I should get the rating and in about 2-3 weeks it should be with me. Thats the biggest thing i've been waiting, searching and looking for. I hope it gets an 85 (+)! On Friday, I also received another piece for my collection: Since I am not at home at the moment, it takes a little bit until I fit it in my gaming room. Do you have any tips for me how to display VGAs of current games (like a gamecube game) the best? I would like to hang it on the wall, but i dont want to damage the VGA box. Any tips? (:
  2. Mario's little Collection

    Hey folks! For the last few years, video games meant to me the following: A lot of boom, lots of action, mega detailed graphics and for the most part only Triple A games! Call of Duty, Titanfall, Battlefield, GTA, Big and Bombastic! Until March of this year. The Nintendo switch was released and I, who was actually NOT wanted to buy a new Nintendo console, got a switch. The question, which game I have bought with it, does not have to be asked at all, because of course it was Zelda. My first video game in my life was Ocarina of Time, the last part I played was Twilight Princess. I went in without much expectations - and I was completely enchanted! No idea how many hours i spent in Breath of the Wild , but it has finally opened my eyes! A game does not have to have the best and most up-to-date graphics, it does not always have to explode and bang trough the headset speakers! And that's exactly why I've played a lot of indie games and some old classics, especially Zelda games! Now I know why so many are talking good about Majoras Mask, because I'm playing it now! Anyway, long story short, I got a CiB Ocarina of Time to put it in my glass cabinet. Then I found a CiB NTSC version... and now I have 2 VGAs, 3 sealed games, 2 Japanese imports and its own wall for it! I started with all this at the beginning of May and even though I have already collected a little bit (which is not a comparison with the extreme collections here, but I have a small purse), I wanted to post my little developments in this thread here and post little updates time to time. I hope to find here some equal thinking people and maybe a few tips or recommendations! Shoutout at this point to acidjaguar, which already helped me so much (update to it later). Although I have several games in my collection, I am concentrating on Ocarina of Time & Majoras Mask right now (because the money, you know)! My current requests and looking-for's: Ocarina of Time NTSC Sealed (or Graded) Ocarina of Time JAPAN Sealed (or Graded) Loose Ocarina of Time Collectors Edition Cartridge Ocarina of Time NOT FOR RESALE Cartridge MINT Ocarina of Time (Limited Edition) Guide US and JAPAN Majoras Mask NTSC Sealed (or Graded) Majoras Mask Japan Sealed (or Graded) Loose Majoras Mask NTSC Cartridge Loose Majoras Mask PAL Cartridge Majoras Mask NOT FOR RESALE Cartridge MINT Majoras Mask (Limited Edition) Guide US and JAPAN Please contact me when you can help me or know where to find for a reasonable price (: And now pictures of the collection! https://imgur.com/gallery/oZC1B (By the way, i hope it's okay to post this on a few boards and forums, so i reach out to more people and collectors!)
  3. BremZ General & Legend Of Zelda Collection

    I love the Blast Corps and Mario Kart 64 Red Seal! Where did you find them?
  4. NTSC Sealed Zelda Collection

    Very cool collection! Is this your final build? Or are you still looking for some stuff to add? Anyway, i realy like the golden link on epona statue and the Majoras Mask adventure set. I think they are the most expensive out of this collection too (: