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  1. Indalamar

    Indalamar´s Sealed Collection *update*

    Thanks, but I miss the really rare ones. Resident Evil/Biohazard first prints on PS1. Many reseales on this Titel.
  2. Indalamar

    Indalamar´s Sealed Collection *update*

  3. Indalamar

    Indalamar´s Sealed Collection *update*

    Thanks @all yes, i love the early PS1 survival games. Had many nightmares in my childhood from these games. But they were too exciting to stop. xD
  4. Hi @all, im Indalamar from Germany and here is a update of my current sealed collection. After i read the post from GPS about collection updates, i get my ass up. Playstation 1 Resident Evil (GER/US) Resident Evil Demo/Promo Silent Hill (4x EU, 1x US) Silent Hill Guide (GER) Dino Crisis (GER/US) Parasite Eve 2 (GER/JAP/US) Metal Gear Solid (GER) Alone in the Dark (2x GER) Hellnight (2x GER) Germs: Nerawareta Machi Harvest Moon (GER/UK/US) Playstation 2 Rule of Rose (UK/JAP)+EU Promo(full game) Silent Hill Silent Hill Guides+Promo Playstation 3 Lost in the Rain Nintendo Gamecube Biohazard Biohazard Demo/Promo Resident Evil (UK) Nintendo Gameboy Pokemon (GER)