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  1. Looks nice. I just remember that about six years ago, I have also bought a shrink-wrapped copy of Tomb Raider (I don't know, if it did have vent holes, too, because of my lack of experience with sealed games, back then)... But I had immediately returned it, since I had been expecting a tear-strip seal - if such one ever existed... Now, I own the Eidos Classic Edition twice: one factory-sealed and one opened for playing (but still unused, because of lack of time to play! ^^). Personally, I prefer a safe legit re-release over a shrink-wrapped first print - at least if it's unclear whether it was only sealed this way...
  2. What a beautiful collection! To me, especially your Crash 2 Black Label looks awesome! What with your Tomb Raider Big Box version: Is it shrink-wrapped? (I've never seen a PS-Tear-Strip variant up to this day!) And do you still own the Crash Bandicoot Big Box version, or did you sell it for good money?