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  1. Anderwin

    Sealed "one-of-a-kinds" thread

    I have one or two sealed red tearstrip DS game some people here haven't seen before XD. Selling them now so not posting them here, but you can have some rare stuff about rare games some collectors didn't think about to collect xD
  2. Anderwin


    Amazing to see that one :O
  3. Anderwin

    BremZ Showcase

    Nice piece man
  4. Anderwin

    Aeiko's Sealed Sanctuary

    I love the Hot Wheels artowrk. Nice stuff!
  5. Anderwin

    Kim's Zelda PAL collection

    I always love the RED TEARSTRIP =). Nice collection man!
  6. Anderwin

    jemorgan85's VGA Collection

    I love it! I do not collect VGA games but I do love the cases Good collection man!
  7. Anderwin

    Anderwin Collection

    Thanks man I do not collect a lot of older system anymore. I kinda focus on PS 4 and some series but that's all now. I love play games on all consoles, these days I playing on my SNES, and N64 some classic games i grow up with. I going to focus on more what I like and not on just to collect to collect. I wanted it to simple and show all my stuff ( I have more but doont have more space XD). so thanks for the comment and you liked my collection. I will upload more stuff tomorrow
  8. Anderwin

    Anderwin Collection

  9. Anderwin

    Anderwin Collection

    Hello again! Now I'm here to show more of my game collection! It's has been bigger, and even a new gaming room I have got so I'm really happy I focus on my Command & Conquer Collection and focus on Playstation 4 in these days! ************************************************************************************************************************************************** ************************************************************************************************************************************************** ************************************************************************************************************************************************** ************************************************************************************************************************************************** ALL SEALED, MY HOLY GRAIL TO MY PS 4 COLLECTION! THE CONSOLE ;) Lets' start with Nintendo: (Have kinda stopped with Nintendo collection) The Classic consoles: NEVER OPEN BEFORE My DS collection: ALL OF THESE GAMES ARE SEALED. ALL OF THESE GAMES ARE SEALED. My DS red-sealed collection: ALL OF THESE GAMES ARE SEALED. ZELDA CONSOLE BRAND NEW + ZELDA STYLUS BRAND NEW. My Wii and Wii U collection: ALL OF THESE GAMES ARE SEALED. ALL OF THESE GAMES ARE SEALED. BRAND NEW MEGA YOSHI BRAND NEW, YOSHI WORLD ARE OPEN. ALL OF THIS BOXES ARE OPEN! MY N64 BOXES GAMES, ALL OPEN BUT IN GOOD CONDITION. MY SNES BOXES, DONKEY KONG COUNTRY IS IN GOOD CONDITION, REST ARE OKAY. ALL OPEN ************************************************************************************************************************************************** ************************************************************************************************************************************************** ************************************************************************************************************************************************** ************************************************************************************************************************************************** MY XBOX COLLECTION: ALL GAMES ARE SEALED AND NEVER OPEN. PROJECT SCORPION ARE BRAND NEW AND SEALED. ************************************************************************************************************************************************** ************************************************************************************************************************************************** ************************************************************************************************************************************************** ************************************************************************************************************************************************** MY PLAYSTATION COLLECTION: MY PLAYSTATION 1 GAMES, ALL ARE OPEN! PS 2: WHITE EDITION TO PS3 ARE SEALED ALL PS 2 GAMES ARE OPEN. ALL PS 2 GAMES ARE OPEN. ALL PS 2 GAMES ARE OPEN. ALL SEALED ALL SEALED ALL SEALED PS3: HAPPY WITH THIS SEALED ALL GAMES SEALED ALL GAMES SEALED ALL GAMES SEALED ALL GAMES SEALED ALL GAMES SEALED (EXCEPT - GTA CE) ALL GAMES SEALED PS 4: SEALED SEALED WATCH DOGS 2 GOLD AND NORDIC STEEL COVER SEALED, AND PC CE, I HAVE PS4 CE SEALED TO NOT IN PICTURE. ALL SEALED ************************************************************************************************************************************************** ************************************************************************************************************************************************** ************************************************************************************************************************************************** ************************************************************************************************************************************************** MY PC COLLECTION: SEALED ALL SEALED ALL SEALED (EXPECT HEROS WHITE COLLECTORS BOX) ALL SEALED ALL SEALED ALL OPEN KISS CE SIGNED ALL OPEN ALL OPEN AGE OF CONAN AND SHADOW ARE SIGNED ALL OPEN ALL OPEN BLIZZARD: ALL SEALED ALL SEALED ALL OPEN ALL OPEN (EXPECT W!ZONE) ALL SEALED ************************************************************************************************************************************************** ************************************************************************************************************************************************** ************************************************************************************************************************************************** ************************************************************************************************************************************************** GAME SERIES: BIOSHOCK: ALL GAMES SEALED AND FIGURE. I HAVE TWO MORE BIOSHOCK 2 COLLECTORS EDITION BACK THE FRONT ONE. WATCH DOGS: I HAVE PC WATCH DOGS 2 CE SEALED I HAVE PS4 ED SEALED TO. DEDSEC NOT SEALED REST ARE! RESIDENT EVIL: ALL RE SEALED, (EXPECT PAL RE 7 CE WITHOUT GAME) ASSASSIN CREEDS: ALL SEALED (EXPECT AC PSP AND THE FIRST COLLECTORS EDITION) ************************************************************************************************************************************************** ************************************************************************************************************************************************** ************************************************************************************************************************************************** ************************************************************************************************************************************************** RANDOM STUFF THROW TOGETHER: ALL GAMES ARE SEALED! ALL MY OPEN SNES, NES AND N64 GAMES. WILL GET BETTER PICTURES LATER. SPORE CE X2 SEALED TO PC. ALL GAMES BRAND NEW (EXPECT TOMT RAIDER X360 GAME IS SIGNED BY THE DEV) PREY CE IS NOT SEALED, REST ARE. THE LAST OF US FIGURE BRAND NEW, REST ARE SEALED. BATTLEFIELD CE FIGURE SEALED,AD TWO RANDOM STEEL COVERS. A VIEW AT MY GAMING ROOM SO FAR. MORE PICTURS WILL BE UPLOADED LATER WHEN I HAVE MORE TIME!
  10. Anderwin

    Happyweed Sealed Collection

    I love it just love it! And the artwork on the cover!
  11. Anderwin

    Nobo's PS1/PS2 VGA PAL collection

    Damn! Good luck on the sale!
  12. Anderwin


    i love it