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  1. You don't have enought C&C dude, SHAME ON YOU! Diablo + Warcraft II = a winner is you
  2. LuxKiller65

    Mega Man Collection

    Let me brag a bit just for fun: I found my US MMV, new unsealed, for 10eur (like, two years ago). Picture showed the game sealed, I guess the porky seller removed it to check inside the box, or to masturbate in front of the cart, who knows really.
  3. LuxKiller65

    Mega Man Collection

    Yeah I followed the DigitPress discussion :B You can also still find the Rockman energy drink for pretty cheap on eBay, that was a funny promo!
  4. LuxKiller65

    Mega Man Collection

    You probably asked her and not me, but yeah I know him, very nice and friendly UK guy. He still needs to get into OST/guides/promo stuff though. I love his Asian stuff...
  5. LuxKiller65

    Mega Man Collection

    I'm all yours northern lady lol, thanks for the message and congrats on your extensive Mega Man collection. What I also love are the cardboard versions of MM1 and 3 for Tiger, only sold in Italy. The US/UK plastic cover design is very cold in comparison. I believe your MM5 is more a sample than a proto though, as it seems to be the final release.
  6. LuxKiller65

    Mega Man Collection

    Nice PC version! You should have a look at my sales thread here lol
  7. War on Belgian Fries! We want our blisters back in France dammit! That is one expensive piece of old plastic package...
  8. Isn't cyberguile also contributing to the Pix'N Love magazine thing? The French are all going mad since they discovered their blisters rigides are sooo cool and sought-after out of their borders. Never been able to buy one from the forums, they always 'get better offers' from the dark and the whole shit ends up smelling like sewer fish, so no thanks, just a waste of time. Most sellers are just nice people though, like in any country. omg sorry for the off topic but I had to answer arc_blader