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  1. Zidane47

    Hard Work Pays Off Dante

    That would be absolutely epic!! I have seen someone on eBay who is selling the best part of a 100+ PS2 sealed PAL games. So would be a good start for anyone wanting to do it. Wish I had the funds for that!!
  2. Zidane47

    Hard Work Pays Off Dante

    cheeersssss!!! I appreciate the love
  3. Zidane47

    Hard Work Pays Off Dante

    thanks everyone!!! appreciate the comments!!!
  4. Zidane47

    Hard Work Pays Off Dante

    The slipcase version I have never seen and came across it by chance (didn't know it existed). But DMC 1 is the most difficult as it is a Holy Grail amongst PS2 games.
  5. Well I have been trying to collect the complete PAL-UK Devil May Cry collection for a while now and I can now safely say that I am there! The reason its been tough is because I have this weird OCD that has me wanting to complete a set with the same grade and 85+ is that special grade for me. Its been tough, required back and forth between VGA due to higher and lower grades, one time grading 4 copies of DMC 3 special edition. But I am very proud of my collection! (there is 3 missing but I have a bunch of those and just need them graded as they are common). These ones were the most important so hopefully I can get them all in a special cabinet for a proper picture with Ebony and Ivory. I was waiting for that moment to come with a WOW image of the full set but couldn't contain myself any longer!
  6. Message Me, Interested in DMC 1, tried messaging but won't send. Cheers