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  1. Holy shit, great add mate. I've never seen a red strip snes controller
  2. Great idea Chris and some fantastic adds there, especially Mario Kart I think a part of collecting is shifting your collection goals till you're completely happy, I'm certainly guilty of that too!
  3. Thanks bro Yeah, I'm looking forward to a break/holiday from collecting John I have a few more adds to negotiate then I'll have a nice holiday for a few months! You're overdue an update!!
  4. Very nice collection, well done! Zelda FTW
  5. Haha, you're not wrong there mate Thanks mate, really pleased with them! No probs bud, yeah they belong together Thanks mate, update from you soon!!! Cheers Chris, I knew a fellow Zelda man would appreciate them
  6. A very special update for me today, I've been waiting to post these for a while, the heart of my collection, hope you enjoy! A big thanks to Pete for parting with Majoras Mask.
  7. Nice add Pete, first print N64 is always cool
  8. Holy cow, have you got enough epic shit?! very nice collection mate well done, Loving the MM, MK and SMW2 EPIC, just EPIC!
  9. Thanks John, they all came from one epic find. I was lucky enough to get a couple. Starwing post updated with an ungraded picture along with a link to the history of the game and Super FX chip for those interested.
  10. Thanks for all the positive comments guys, I welcome the genuine collector replies
  11. Hi all, I haven't updated for a while but have been working hard to update my collection. I have a big update to post shortly but thought I'd give you a taster of things to come, enjoy! The story behind Starwing and the UK design team that developed the Super FX chip (the worlds first GPU) for Nintendo can be found below: - Before Grading After grading (I suck at photography)
  12. LA is awesome mate and the rental WW very rare, job well done
  13. Show us the good stuff Pete
  14. Nice addition and upgrade mate, the Jew has some good shit