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  1. tkC

    Aeiko's Sealed Sanctuary

    Nice adds mate
  2. tkC

    Happyweed Sealed Collection

    Couple of gems there mate, before your post only one VGA graded gold copy of Goldeneye existed (85+), Mike Adey’s Copy, unreal how hard it is to get a gold grade Goldeneye, now there’s two, and the rare solid strip Mario Tennis, both great additions well done!
  3. tkC

    Aeiko's Sealed Sanctuary

    Great adds mate, loving the Paper Mario, I think we can safely say you have the best N64 collection on the forum
  4. tkC

    Kim's Zelda PAL collection

    Nice collection Kim, check my collection also, I’m a big Zelda fanboy not sure about your avatar though looks like two men at it
  5. tkC

    Sandrik's Retro Collection

    I see it as more encouragement than a hijack, disappointed you didn't post it sooner.
  6. tkC

    Sandrik's Retro Collection

    I'll start you off
  7. tkC

    Sandrik's Retro Collection

    Stop being a jew Sand and post the pics already, I'm excited for this sealed Aladin and Gold Super Street Fighter 2 of yours
  8. tkC

    Sandrik's Retro Collection

    Some great replies in this collection thread before my time, sad the pictures were removed for all I know it was numerous copies of Hello Kitty on the Dreamcast and Space Jump
  9. tkC

    Sandrik's Retro Collection

    Where’s the pictures gone?
  10. Great collection Matthew, nice to see a totally random collection for a change. You got a mega deal on that snowboard kids! I think my favourite game is your all stars, still after one myself
  11. tkC

    Happyweed Sealed Collection

    Wario 3 95
  12. tkC

    Roshan's Sealed PAL Collection!

    Great collection, dedication here for Pokemon! Congrats Roshan
  13. tkC

    Shann's Sealed PAL Collection!

    Because NES wasn’t my gaming era, I don’t appreciate it as others might do. I’m much more a SNES/N64 fan Roger
  14. tkC

    Shann's Sealed PAL Collection!

    Holy Shit Gurdeep, GASP?!?!?! You've just ruined Matty's complete verified PAL red strip set! Epic add and a true grail, can't believe he didn't buy it. Massive Congratulations!!