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    Family, friends and my dog. Oh and possibly finding one of those French Super Mario 64 sealed blister pack thingy's.

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    Home cooking Haha

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    Best wall I've ever seen matey...
  2. Shann's Sealed PAL Collection!

    Love the collection fella. Stellar stuff. 😎👍
  3. Chuckbiii's VGA Collection

    Good going there.😎👍
  4. A few Mario odds and ends

    Hi, I'm no expert but Iv only ever seen Flat Display only boxes/ promo boxes. Iv only been loooking at these over the past 2-3 years tho. Maybe someone else will chime in with more info.👍
  5. A few Mario odds and ends

    Hi, nice Promo Boxes.👍 UKG charge £40 per box, with grading perhaps a little more.👍
  6. A few Mario odds and ends

    Lol, Mario is THE Mr Hairy legs 😂👍 The last time I sent items of to AFA/ VGA they took nearly 6 months to get graded so I opted for just sending them to Uk Graders for casing which took only a month to be completed and returned to me. Iv just sent of another 7 Box Flats to be cased up, can't wait to get them back from UKG. 😎👍
  7. A few Mario odds and ends

    Thanks bud. I love old school skateboard stuff too.👍
  8. BremZ Showcase

    Stunning stuff Bremz.👍
  9. A few Mario odds and ends

    Lol, thanks GPS. Yeah when I seen the OZ MK boxflat I really wanted to grab it haha.😎👍
  10. A few Mario odds and ends

    Thanks guys, Justice cool item... I'd like to find one of those. There was one on Ebay but the clamshell case was damaged. I'd like a minty one. Is yours damaged ?.👍
  11. A few Mario odds and ends

    Hey dude, thanks 👍 Regarding the Box Flats, I bought the Mario Kart already graded from a sound Ozzy and I got UKGraders to case up the SM64 up. It cost me £40 to get cased up. They made a really nice job of the casing. I also got a Golden Eye 64 and a SOTE cased up too.👍
  12. A few Mario odds and ends

    Thanks bud, not a patch on your stuff tho.👍
  13. A few Mario odds and ends

    Thanks Bremz, yeah those Speed runs are pretty cool to watch. As far as the collection goes Iv got a few other bits and pieces but trying to stick to just PAL 64 related stuff but I'd like to try and find one of those French clam shell Mario 64 sealed games.👍
  14. A few Mario odds and ends

    Hi, here is a few Mario items Iv acquired over the last few years, nothing too special. As well as the 2 games Iv added a few Mario 64 Box Flats. One is a Players Choice Super Mario 64. The other is a New Zealand/ OZ Palitoy Mario Kart 64. Lastly there's 2 Jeremy Klein Mario Bros Skateboard decks. The natural stain one is from back in 1991. It's a World Industries and the other green stain one is a Cease and Desist from around 10+ years ago.
  15. BremZ Showcase

    Wow, I forgot just how awesome your collection is mate.👍👍👍