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  1. Stellar run there my friend.😎👍👍
  2. Wow, I forgot just how awesome your collection is mate.👍👍👍
  3. Holly Fu*k dude, what a collection. 95 SNES MK 😳😳😳
  4. Life just got in the way a bit. Back now haha.👍 Hope alls well with you fella.
  5. Awesome mate.👍
  6. Sweet jebus... Stellar run there Matty. Leave some games for the rest of us to collect lol.
  7. Awesome new console Dave. Beautiful colour. Now hurry up and sell me a Mario one.
  8. BremZ, that collection is epic fella. As a focus its really inspiring. I thought I was doing well having 6 Mario related pieces. Now I know I'm a total noob.
  9. Great stuff Matty. Love the MK.
  10. Great update Dave. Absolutely love that collection.
  11. I have several only one graded items but does that count? It doesn't really count Matty as the pop report is so out of date that it's beyond belief. Just because only one item shows as being graded doesn't mean there arnt boxes of sealed games waiting to be dug up. Only one graded to date is more accurate. Well this is how I tend to look at these. Especially mass produced stuff like games.:-)
  12. Great stuff Dude. Love the sealed console. That'd be a grail piece for me. Congrats.
  13. Nice stuff Juls. Being a Mario collector I love the Super Mario 64 the most.
  14. Good going Matty. Those are in fine condition.