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  1. master-kev

    SealedBigBox Collection

    Hey mate, great collection so far ! Keep it up
  2. master-kev


    Very impressive collection ! I really like your Kurisu Makise figure !
  3. Yeah I know.. it's getting harder and harder. But hope dies last, so keep it up
  4. Great Collection ! I also love this gold gradet Space Jam ! Hope to see some more PS1 Stuff soon :D
  5. master-kev

    Chippo's PAL Playstation ® selection

    Yeah you are right, not all numbers below 800 were fullcovers. But at least all games that are listed in the list above were fullcovers, and Im not sure whether mballi listed all games there.
  6. master-kev

    Chippo's PAL Playstation ® selection

    There is a list that was published by mballi some years ago - he listet 770 fullcover games. Maybe he forgot some, so I would estimate round about 800 PS1 fullcover games. PS1 Fullcover list- mballi
  7. master-kev

    GPS' Collection - Long Live Nostalgia!

    Great Collection John, especially your PS1 Fullcover's ... ♥
  8. master-kev

    Chippo's PAL Playstation ® selection

    Send them all to me, I will take a photo then ..
  9. master-kev

    Chippo's PAL Playstation ® selection

    I think you have smoked too much
  10. master-kev

    Chippo's PAL Playstation ® selection

    Hm I can throw ~ 70 fullcovers into the pot
  11. master-kev

    Chippo's PAL Playstation ® selection

    So great games here, wow !! Could need some of them for my fullcover collection ...
  12. master-kev

    jemorgan85's VGA Collection

    What an amazing collection ! Keep it up !
  13. master-kev

    Anderwin Collection

    Such a great collection ! My deepest respect !
  14. master-kev

    BremZ Showcase

    Chris, your collection is so amazing ! And all your games are in perfect condition, greatest respect !