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  1. thanks mate! Yeah I feel much better the direction im going now Cheers Dave Just need that Mario Party for the trio! haha Cheers Matty, Super happy to get Mario Kart 64, one of the best ever N64 titles imo Thanks Enze! Yeah your right, I don't feel so obliged to buy every N64 title under the sun now, Feel im collecting for the reason I really started, the love of video games
  2. In the last six months I have had a shift in focus with my N64 collection, instead of going for every title Ive decided to stick to a small selection of great titles and where possible highest grades. I haven't updated much since the change so I thought i'd show you whats gone and whats arrived. Out with the old In with the new!
  3. Awesome adds mate! Three of the very best Zelda titles
  4. Yep agree with Seph, cant beat that Konami title, hot shit
  5. Looks canny that Shadows of the Empire Matty! One of the first games I ever played on my N64
  6. Great to see everything in one place finally! Plus Banjo Kazooie is a excellent addition
  7. Great add tkc, what a gem!
  8. Wow thanks for all the love guys These are my best additions in a long while maybe ever.. The Zelda games give me a major boost in achieving a full gold PAL set (including variants) and Links Awakening is a top three title for me, As Tim mentioned it brings back great memories! @ZF this version is a rental only copy, which was from Blockbusters back in the day. Pretty sure this is only one of two still sealed? One again thanks for all your positive comments, its always great to hear feedback from the SGH fam
  9. SPECIAL UPDATE Couple of titles I have acquired, some recent some a while ago which I would now like to share. One of a kind or very rare. Stoked to add them to my collection, thanks to all who helped More to come next week
  10. A few updates which arrived yesterday, some are upgrades mainly the Wii U. Finally got around to grading some of my DS titles, Looking to add possibly another 15 titles (no set though ) Special update tomorrow
  11. Thanks guys, I have practically finished the Wii collection, just a case of achieving the desired grade. I started Wii just as a time filler as I was buying Zelda at the time but have since really enjoyed going for the strip set. With the console going through the phase of moving from red to grey strips it opened up lots of variants for the majority of titles released, some harder than others to obtain but that's part of the fun! Gamecube & Wii to be completed by the end of this year is my goal
  12. Few nice updates for Wii & Gamecube, its becoming hard achieving high grades on Wii so extra thanks to Seph for these ones Busy playing catch up with my grading so should have another post very soon! Next week will be a special update with some tasty items
  13. Nice stuff, look forward to the rest!!
  14. Love the 95's plus great to see a new addition!