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  1. Aeiko's Sealed Sanctuary

    Cant really get better than that! fantastic adds, Paper Mario is just drop me a message when your ready to trade
  2. Kim's Zelda PAL collection

    Nice collection! I assume the extra copies of games are just doubles rather than variants? I may have a couple laying around, il let you know.
  3. BremZ Showcase

    There was a few players choice but i think it was about 11 red strip titles.
  4. BremZ Showcase

    Thanks man im really happy with the photos and of course the titles. I have a couple more N64 games to add still and maybe a few to remove but im getting to my preferred lineup.
  5. BremZ Showcase

    I’m off the full set for gamecube now but as I’m close with the players choice set I’m gonna try and finish it! first time I’ve seen this for sale since I began buying sealed gamecube, just a couple more left now. Nicer update coming soon 👍
  6. Nice stuff Matthew! I still have a few of those Pokemon cards from back in the day somewhere, considering grading them myself, basically cos i love grading... monopoly board looks pretty good graded, Pokemon Blue though has to be my favourite!
  7. tkC's Superlatives

    awesome additions mate, Loving the Street Fighter! Nice to see Wii U making a appearance
  8. BremZ Showcase

    haha cheers @MattyDread, I go about 6-12 months with no retro updates and end up doing it in bulk! Im not sure to be honest @GPS, im told Nintendo only stock a select amount of the limited editions but no official numbers unfortunatley. Being a launch console i imagine numbers being pretty high but to be honest over the last few years i havent came across another which was brand new. CIB is pretty rare, so managing a brand new 95 (UKG) im pretty chuffed, even if it is Wii U id like the Smash Bros Wii U or the original White Wii U console if i can find one.
  9. BremZ Showcase

    Just arrived! Really happy to finally own this console. Zombi U was a launch console for the Wii U and since has proved pretty difficult finding a brand new version. This will get regraded in the future but for now il settle with UKG. Gotta say the console cases are worldclass compared to the individual game cases.
  10. Happyweed Sealed Collection

    great updates mate! All super titles with excellent grades, Deadrising has me most excited!
  11. Tfsco's Collection.

    Beauty of a game, the one that started it all off for me I hope that photo was well planned and carefully laid out!
  12. Roshan's Sealed PAL Collection!

    nice stuff Roshan! That Super Metroid is staring right at me Gameboy advance & Pokemon Blue are my favourite picks there. Nice to see a solid collection from the get go.
  13. zeros8585's VGA Collection

    nice stuff! Love the Pokemon 2DS picked one up myself but i don't expect to get close of that grade!
  14. Frodo's VGA PAL Pokemon Collection

    Nope think its on his mind though, once the thought crosses your mind its inevitable
  15. Shann's Sealed PAL Collection!

    nice updates, look forward to seeing the Mario Tennis grade