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  1. MattyDreads Graded Grotto

    Lovely grades and games Matty. If you were to ask my favourite it would be Tennis for the Gameboy, all the way back from 1990 being one of the first releases and grading 90, outstanding
  2. Happyweed Sealed Collection

    Absolutley amazing grades! Guess i can sell off my below par Bomberman 64 now Your n64 collection is back and it didnt even take that long! When will you start the bidding war
  3. Thanks Jus, not many now! Cheers Matty, just gotta get them all graded now.. more time consuming than finding half of the titles
  4. Another Wii update! ticked off a lot more titles off the Wii list now, really pleased to add Wii Play plus the first Naruto to complete my set of all three releases. Gold upgrade for Excite truck plus a few other fillers. still waiting on a second submisson to arrive which holds a number of my nicer pieces. The Wii full set dream is real
  5. thanks GPS, really happy with how its coming along. Appreciate your opinion, im undecided really what to do but its always nice for a change. I don't have a place i can shoot the photos every time, needed to empty one of my graded shelves and setup lights to snap the pics which sometimes is time consuming, this on the other hand is just on my bar, no setup needed! I grade a fair bit and I like to take good photos, I take as much pride in displaying as i do collecting. Still need a couple Zelda titles, Ive falling behind a little over the last year but fortunately wont take too long to catch up, My thread needs a Zelda Money shot
  6. Cheers @Matthew, all it means is i will move on to the next N64 is just a gradual add here and there, forcing to complete that collection will cost me dear! I've enjoyed collecting the wii titles and Wii U but will be nice not having to grade such a large amount all the time, damn expensive! I have a handful of DS titles i'd like to find and those last few Zelda titles which i have avoided for the last year. This may be the first time i haven't had any deals lined up in like a year, nice being able to sit back and enjoy what ive accomplished, sometimes i forget that being so busy buying or grading that next title
  7. Thanks lads Yeah the photos need a little adjusting but could well be a nice new backdrop to set the games against. My n64 titles is now brought down to 15 left, majority are quite possible apart from maybe two, just a case of finding the condition but will add n64 when it appears but concentrate on grading and completing my newer sets as im very close on finishing
  8. A couple of new adds/upgrades.. Had FZero for a while now but thought i better show it off Thanks to @Retr0Gamer for sorting me out with the last variant for Mario Kart Double Dash, really happy to have it. Cheers to @aeiko for the upgrades and new titles which i can now scratch off my Wish List Two thirds through my N64 journey now, please check out my list if anyone has anything which i can tick off, looking at upgrades on all my n64 where possible, so even a case of trading plus cash or other games il be game for. Wii set is steaming along so should be able to unveil my latest submission in the next week or so, 6 titles left to collect!! What does everyone think of the possible new presentation of my collection... Keep or revert?
  9. Aeiko's Sealed Sanctuary

    Looks great mate, one step closer!
  10. Aeiko's Sealed Sanctuary

    looks really nice! perfect fit
  11. Thanks guys. The Pokemon series is something I was really interested in, the Gold and Silver releases were the last games of the series i really sunk in a lot hours gaming. They have always been games ive wanted to add to my collection but seems to be enough about to not have to rush Gold Version was a great price so couldn't resist. Cheers Grant, just keeps going!
  12. Usually I only update adds after VGA but to keep things frequent here is a few titles from a while ago (maybe last year) yet to be packed for grading. Metroid is in terrible condition but still is only the first true print (no sticker) i've seen from the last few years. Found a nice grey strip variant of Mario Galaxy plus a couple of other DS titles, thinking of picking up grey and red strip variants for select DS titles. Pokemon Gold is super mint and really looking forward to seeing its grade when i get round to sending it off. Should have a VGA update by end of the month
  13. Mario's little Collection

    You will find the more you buy for your collection the more issues you will have creating a space or display for your games. This is the beauty of the forum, you can display them how you want on here without the clutter. The forum has just had a major update so some of the tutorials are in need of updating, but this will give you the idea.. Check out other members collections to give you ideas
  14. thanks mate! Yeah I feel much better the direction im going now Cheers Dave Just need that Mario Party for the trio! haha Cheers Matty, Super happy to get Mario Kart 64, one of the best ever N64 titles imo Thanks Enze! Yeah your right, I don't feel so obliged to buy every N64 title under the sun now, Feel im collecting for the reason I really started, the love of video games