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  1. BremZ Showcase

    Yeah waiting for ages! I saw they have updated the design etc but whats this now, like two years??
  2. BremZ Showcase

    Found myself a Metroid Prime 3 grey strip variant this week
  3. Happyweed Sealed Collection

    Spotted it just thought I missed the update post Great addition and upgrade mate
  4. MattyDreads Graded Grotto

  5. Aeiko's Sealed Sanctuary

    love the adds, some titles i havent seen CIB never mind brand new
  6. Kim's Zelda PAL collection

    A new Zelda piece returning from VGA next week
  7. Happyweed Sealed Collection

    great update mate! Love the solid strip Mario tennis via GIPHY
  8. BremZ Showcase

    Two updates for my Gamecube section, Mario Golf and my favourite Metroid Prime
  9. Aeiko's Sealed Sanctuary

    Looks great together, no idea how many was made but i know a few titles came holo and non holo such as Zelda DX. Also noticed River King has a different design, maybe a earlier version perhaps?
  10. BremZ Showcase

    Got my hands on a mint Mario Odyssey console this week. Also finally added the non limited Zelda SS to my Wii collection, cant believe it had taken me this long! thanks to @tkC for that one
  11. Aeiko's Sealed Sanctuary

    Cant really get better than that! fantastic adds, Paper Mario is just drop me a message when your ready to trade
  12. Kim's Zelda PAL collection

    Nice collection! I assume the extra copies of games are just doubles rather than variants? I may have a couple laying around, il let you know.
  13. BremZ Showcase

    There was a few players choice but i think it was about 11 red strip titles.
  14. BremZ Showcase

    Thanks man im really happy with the photos and of course the titles. I have a couple more N64 games to add still and maybe a few to remove but im getting to my preferred lineup.
  15. BremZ Showcase

    I’m off the full set for gamecube now but as I’m close with the players choice set I’m gonna try and finish it! first time I’ve seen this for sale since I began buying sealed gamecube, just a couple more left now. Nicer update coming soon 👍