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  1. RasAlGhul

    Dreamcast Collection by bel

    Some of those systems I have never seen before and/or didn't even know existed. This is hands down the BEST DC collection I have ever seen. THIS IS WHAT THE TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN LOOKS LIKE! Thank you very much for taking the time to show us your amazing collection. Dare I say it is a one of a kind collection?!?
  2. RasAlGhul

    Rarebucky's Game Room (in Beta testing)

    OMG bucky! you have an ENTIRE ROOM dedicated to your collection! JAW DROPPINGLY EPIC my friend.
  3. First of all, WOW you have an astounding amount of awesome games, and an overall BOSS collection! I can only hope to have something like this one day. Kudos on the amazing photos that really do justice to showcase the condition of your collection. Every one of your games are truly gems. Is it okay with you if I use your post as a template to display my own collection in the future? I really like the way you have this all laid out. P.S. I hope to buy some of these in the future.