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  1. Hard Work Pays Off Dante

    Absolutely stunning, loving that collection bro, well done! , I was looking for a gold upgrade myself, as i have an 85 dmc1 please edit your post and align the pictures, so they are side by side, want to see them together lol
  2. Aeiko's Sealed Sanctuary

    love that heartgold
  3. Aeiko's Sealed Sanctuary

    Agreed pete! the holostrips look lovely, this is the only holo ive ever owned...
  4. Chippo's PAL Playstation ® selection

    GPS is talking about the full set of "FULLCOVER" ps1 games, which would definaltye no easy feat, but havnt seen a list of it, but i also think almost anythings possible, after the things ive seen in this forum
  5. Chippo's PAL Playstation ® selection

    oh right lol, chippo you have some great graded games which you have already posted in the forum, in would be nice to see them all in one place
  6. Chippo's PAL Playstation ® selection

    when are you posting collection?
  7. Aeiko's Sealed Sanctuary

    Epic update again Pete!, CT2, Paper are my favourite of course but also love the box art of castlevania!!
  8. Sandrik's Retro Collection

    dont you have any old pics on your computer, just a few nice games would love to see
  9. Sandrik's Retro Collection

    this was 3 years ago lol, cmon sand!
  10. Sandrik's Retro Collection

    I know, i wanted to see this for a long time
  11. Nice collection matthew, glad you could share, love the all stars
  12. Chippo's PAL Playstation ® selection

    yo bro its friday were all waiting...
  13. Chippo's PAL Playstation ® selection

    i got excited then thinking you posted your collection, its the 8th week already when you posting it chippo??