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    - All round collecting MIB/sealed and multi-platforms
    - making relevant, weird and nostalgic topic threads :)
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  1. Kim's Zelda PAL collection

    Good meaty collection so far mate! Missing NES Zelda II as well. Although I find myself disturbingly staring at your avatar more than your collection pics! Are you the guy in the front? Or the one jabbing from behind? lol
  2. Aeiko's Sealed Sanctuary

    This is an unbelievable update! What kind of sorcery have you been practicing in order to obtain such 90s and 95s on the N64 games?! Would love to touch some of those games!
  3. Finally get to see this small miniature collection! Having said that, there's a few items in the collection that most members here I'm sure wouldn't mind owning! Great to see you contributing more to the forum with the collection thread. Eager to see what the next few random games will be!
  4. Anderwin Collection

    Although I don't collect much of the modern games, I do like seeing a lot of variety in a collection. It usually means you have a lot of passion for the hobby and also likely you have a passion in gaming. I really like your game room. Simple but beautiful! Congrats!
  5. BremZ Showcase

    What's the production numbers on the Zombi console edition Chris? No clue to anything Wii U. I plan to definitely get one to play eventually though.
  6. Happyweed Sealed Collection

    Awesome all-round adds Dave! Some of the grades are mindblowing!!
  7. Roshan's Sealed PAL Collection!

    Great stuff Roshan. I agree with justice, the song is awesome and fits the collection thread perfectly! I can imagine you turn on this music whenever you open up a package containing a Pokemon game/item..
  8. Shann's Sealed PAL Collection!

    The collection is looking very meaty now, congrats!
  9. BremZ Showcase

    Chris, you can no longer call yourself as a Zelda collector with some other bits of Nintendo. But a Nintendo collector with some other bits of Zelda! You, Mattydread and Aeiko are becoming the triforce group of N64! lol
  10. BremZ Showcase

    @Bremz, ZF, those stickers are the official NBA stickers, sexy hologram ones. I actually prefer these stickers, because this would make it almost impossible to do a repro on.
  11. BremZ Showcase

    Have never played any of the sports games on the N64, but nice to see an uncommon sealed!
  12. GPS's VGA Stripshow

    Thanks justice! I'm looking for a BNIB/VGA graded SNES Pal Mystical Ninja. If you have one, or know where I can get my hands on one, please let me know mate! I would wet my pants if I can get a new SNES copy!!
  13. GPS's VGA Stripshow

    Mystical Ninja on SNES is a cult classic! One of Konami's best games ever! The N64 games are 3D versions, which I've read does not translate as well in the overall game mechanics. Still, the 4 VGA games look great as a caption page for a Goemon comic book!
  14. GPS's VGA Stripshow

    Ladies and Gents, I present to you the first ever graded orgy of N64 Mystical Ninjas, Australian and US versions. Arguably one of the finest games on the SNES, with its mix of platform action, RPG elements and that weird brand of japanese humor! I haven't personally played the N64 versions, but these will forever remain some of my personal grails. (Have added them all in individual pics on the 1st page.) Sexy bunch? I think so!