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  1. That new shift in gear was a nice shift @Bremz! Also made my "gear" shift too! LOL
  2. Yes, go on a holiday so I can buy some games on the cheap! I'm waiting on buying a new home first, then will let them loose on display shelves. Will be much more convenient taking pics this way, as currently they're mostly in boxes scattered around the place. Can't wait!
  3. Nick, I think it's fair to say you've been going a bit bonkers lately! (but in a good way) Now that's what I call a Zelda Triforce!!
  4. Great start to the forum and welcome @98Viper! I really admire your dedication in not only the individual items, but in setting out a really great display room for your treasured pieces. I hope to emulate something like this, when hopefully I get a new home this year. Keep up the good work!
  5. @Matty, you're offically now the Alan_Nutz on SGH (Alan_Notts version 2.0). Congrats with the new strip variant game!
  6. Congrats Nick on the update! WTF is going on with all the SNES Pal 95s lately?!
  7. Agree as all the above. Hot update!
  8. I'm not really a Wii collector, but I am really starting to appreciate the high grades on some of the Wii games! Keep it up Chris, yo!
  9. Great start to this thread, photos nicely done! Congrats on all those Nintendo grailz!
  10. I think really, all it was was just playful banter. Noone in their right mind will think a rare sealed game is shit, VGA or not, gold or silver or whatever. And if they thought that a rare sealed game was actually shit, then why bother even logging onto SGH?
  11. Congrats on the complete set and thanks for sharing the final piece of the missing link! Kudos to this mighty effort, great bunch of games and art pieces.
  12. You shouldn't have shown those 95s all at that Blazing Skies 85 looks nothing but a big letdown! :/ (that was me pulling an "Enze" - doing a compliment with a negative twist)
  13. Epic as always! You need to do regular updates so we can keep going back to that Page 1 of yours! hehe
  14. Snes 95s...
  15. @Bremz, your Zelda collection is looking pretty awesome! I like!!