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  1. GPS

    Uru101 Sealed Collection

    I really respect a collection thread with some shelf-display. Great collection and very well presented, congrats!
  2. GPS

    tkC's Superlatives

    Great adds mate! You're Zelda and N64 collection is looking chunky and buffed now!
  3. GPS

    jemorgan85's VGA Collection

    The more important question: Will you ever have the space or spare cash to showcase all these gems?
  4. GPS

    Aeiko's Sealed Sanctuary

    Are you around 3/4 of the way to a full new N64 set yet? Quite an achievement so far with the stuff you have already, congrats!
  5. I like what you're doing Matt - highly focused thread of personal grails! Personally I enjoy the randomness factor, keep it up mate!
  6. GPS

    Hard Work Pays Off Dante

    The PS2 really was a great platform for gaming and you can argue that the 3D action fighting games were popularized on the PS2. God of War, Onimusha and Devil May Cry series were so awesome for their time! I've always wondered whether it's possible to get a complete sealed Pal PS2 collection? Would be simply incredible!
  7. GPS

    Kim's Zelda PAL collection

    I should have guessed...
  8. GPS

    Kim's Zelda PAL collection

    Your collection looks meaty to chunky! It's got me thinking...I wonder who has the biggest sealed Zelda collection on SGH? And who has the biggest in the world? Imagine seeing all the different titled Zelda games new/sealed in the one pic, damn, that would be impressive!
  9. GPS

    tkC's Superlatives

    Bruh, in case you weren't aware, every game usually deteriorates in condition over time. Even a game made from the factory 20 years ago, kept and stored at the same factory, might not even be a VGA100 by today. The best you can do is likely 95 or 95+, and of course assuming everything is packed and posted without any damage during the journey from seller to you then to VGA (which was the US reference). I can tell you've been out of the collecting scene for awhile.
  10. GPS

    tkC's Superlatives

    1. Raw + purchased 10 years ago is different from raw purchased in 2018. It will be harder and harder to find a high grade raw sealed game 20+ years ago. 2. VGA95 on a 20 year old game purchased through EBay raw means the seller had to have kept it in sterile condition the whole time, pack it extremely well, no fuck ups with postal damage, you then have to pack it extremely well, no fuck ups with posting from Europe to US.
  11. GPS

    tkC's Superlatives

    Indecent proposal? A raw 20 year old game from Ebay, getting a VGA 95, that's awesome!
  12. GPS

    tkC's Superlatives

    Yipes! That DK64 is so goddamn sexy! Have you been selling your body to fund for the 95's??
  13. GPS

    jemorgan85's VGA Collection

    Are you nearing the record for most owned VGA graded items?
  14. I can say 800 is too much of an estimate. The early games were all fullcovers and mostly they came in consecutive serial numbers up until around 300. Then there are a lot of skip in numbers, because some games became the normal logo designs, coming out together with the fullcover designs. I've seen a few normal logo games with serial numbers below 800. So my guess is that the number of actual fullcover games are ~ 500.
  15. That's what we like it here on SGH - to achieve the impossible! I acknowledge that it isn't a very easy task, which is why I used the word "collectively". If all the members who collect Pal PS1 games, throw in their "fullcovers", then together, we might be pretty close to a full set of "fullcovers". I've never bothered to do further research on how many fullcovers actually exist. Would be interesting to know!