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  1. "Be happy, but never satisfied"

  2. „Be happy, but never satisfied.“ <3

  3. Building the biggest sealed Nintendo Collection on the Earth

    1. Gemini-Phoenix


      You have a long way to go before you eclipse my sealed Nintendo collection! While I missed a lot of 8bit and 16bit titles, and my Gameboy collection is a bit patchy, I have more or less kept on top in recent years. At an estimate, I would say I have around 55 sealed N64, about the same for GameCube and 3DS each, Over 50 GBC and GBA collectively, nearly 100 Wii, nearly 200 DS, and around a dozen Wii-U. So well over 500 titles! ;)

    2. justice


      Do u know his (hidden) collection? ^^

    3. Bruce_Lee


      You will see...

      My collection reached nearly the same like yours :D

  4. live to collect Nintnedo