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  1. Aeiko's Sealed Sanctuary

    Ok a little update from me, and something for the red strip fanboys too, who have been waiting for some upgrades and new N64 bits from me First up a nice few minty gold graded n64 titles! Blues brothers is one of the rarest PAL n64 games, I think this is one of the few only copies found and that grade! Next up some unique items, my store display Lylat box and Phantom hourglass guide! Here are my nes and snes mini's, decided to send them off at last! Both 90 gold grade make a nice pair! Look good together I know havent posted much new red strip stuff from my collection in a while, but here are some upgrades and some new bits! Mario Party 3 and Perfect dark have tried multiple times to get gold, and so finally achieved that! Finally have a gold graded control pak, maybe not that special to you, but for me was a long wait, and looks sweet with the gold expansion pak! Last but not least 2 games that have eluded me for years, 2 of the hardest red strip N64 games to find, and I found them in the same week! Super happy with these because of their rarity but also the grades Hyper Graillllzzzz... Hope you enjoy my update guys!
  2. tkC's Superlatives

    Nice mate, didnt know you were a street fighter fan! My old copy there hehe, happy it got such a high grade, very surprised Dave let it go, lucky man!
  3. Great stuff bud, love the snowboard kids, monopoly also cool!
  4. Roshan's Sealed PAL Collection!

    Nice bud, i like the original pokemon games, i need to finish that set myself, you should get the rest graded
  5. Aeiko's Sealed Sanctuary

    Updated 10 more games into non red strip section, all brand new, graded via UKG, some rare stuff there if your an n64 collector, in any case its one step closer to my goal of graded n64 set. Also have 2 subs at VGA too, one coming back later this month
  6. Aeiko's Sealed Sanctuary

    Thanks mate, and yes i know your huge starcraft fan so you can appreciate the rare-ness of this piece.. epic graillzzzz matey
  7. Aeiko's Sealed Sanctuary

    Added a true N64 grail, PAL exclusive Starcraft 64, the only known new copy, and only ever graded copy
  8. Aeiko's Sealed Sanctuary

    Thanks bud, I am glad you appreciate them, working on finding a Snowboard kids 2 atm which would complete my Aus PAL graded set!
  9. Aeiko's Sealed Sanctuary

    Thanks mate, I actually picked up a new S.C.A.R.S Last week too, will send for grading soon hehe
  10. Aeiko's Sealed Sanctuary

    Small update, some nice grades, only one red strip but happy with the others especially Taz, thats a rare game to find CIB let alone new
  11. BremZ Showcase

    I also got the steelbooks thought would go with my originals, didnt spot the console though, nice!

    I still need the VHS battle set CIB, dave you are next level haha
  13. Aeiko's Sealed Sanctuary

    Added a few zelda bits, i plan to send the oracles off for grading of course but have too much other bits first
  14. GPS's VGA Stripshow

    I am on my 4th copy of Perfect Dark trying to get a gold haha, seems they grade it hard that one so 90 is epic! CT2 is my fav though..one I still need also!