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  1. About a year ago
  2. New games added, gold Star Wars set!
  3. Nice collection mate, get that ocarina graded, also I never saw a 50 before, looks strange that label
  4. Looks great mate, dont talk to me about grading pile..mine is a beast, I need to stop feeding it!
  5. Heh maybe mate, would have to be titles I am pretty close too growing up, but n64 my main passion of course
  6. New additions, thanks for Mike for these, you know I don't mind my qualified games, so happy with paper until I can upgrade to red strip KI I have had for a while just forgot to add it haha
  7. No probs bud, thanks for the upgrades, you got 2 of the zeldas there off me now, nice grades, and agreed they look great together
  8. It has a good home
  9. New one added today, thanks to Matty, my favourite game so always needed to get a first print, just happy to have it!
  10. Thanks for the comments guys, I have some more coming back next week hopefully from VGA & UKG, will update when I do
  11. looks lovely too
  12. Your welcome mate
  13. After much demand, and being here a while I am finally going to start putting together my collection thread! I mainly collect n64, started with the full CIB set, but then wanted them all mint, then only way to go after that was to get them new & factory sealed. I have been collecting about a year now but have gone a bit nuts, its my hobby yes but also addicting. I do have lots of other things in my collection too, such as many promo items, consoles etc, but here I will just be showcasing my new items. Will update when I get new stuff in, or graded items back, but for now enjoy! I hope you enjoyed looking, I will keep the thread updated when I get new grades back and new stuff in, and of course if you have something you think I might want please get in touch
  14. Glad I could help you with these EPIC INSANITY GRAILZZZZ mate
  15. Mongfests lol..everyone should just get along in this scene. It seems it's a smaller niche than I thought so don't see why everyone can't be friends and help each other out