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  2. SNES CONSOLE PACKAGED WITH STARWING GAME– STILL IN ORIGINAL CELLOPHANE WRAPPER – INCREDIBLY RARE Years ago I ordered one of these and two were sent – I have the opened one but this one was never touched and is still in original packing – sealed up. I think it was bought from a catalogue mail order company like Kays – it’s so long ago is difficult to remember. I am open to offers close to the asking price but I am in Devon and unwilling to consign it to the post so suggest you either come and inspect it or take me at face value and pay in advance plus extra for P&P. There is a small tear in the cellophane on the rear of the box as shown in photos. Will be uploading more photos shortly Am looking for £800
  3. ​I haven't hounded anyone to buy it. Someone made an appointment to view it and then didn't turn up causing me much inconvenience. As I insist upon a personal transaction I don't see how I can cheat anyone as they can examine it prior to purchase. I have now discovered about the auction sticker - I told my friend to put it in an auction as I was fed up with it and it didn't sell as I put a high reserve on it - the sticker remained on it. I have owned it for many years and cant be expected to remember its history
  4. ​​I apologise for the lateness of my reply. If I was persistent it is because I have limited storage space and I am tired of looking at the thing in the cupboard after so many years. As to the auction sticker - I cannot explain that - I bought it many years ago from a mail order catalogue company - Kays I believe - and can honestly say it has never been opened. If someone wants to examine it they can verify this. Possibly it was bought by them from auctioneers as it was out of stock - but if it has indeed never been opened I don't see this as relevant. I don't want to post it as that lays one open to all sorts of issues regarding delivery, authenticity etc. I welcome someone interested examining it and making an offer.
  5. I am looking to sell this for 800 ono. Photos are attached. Dont want to consign it to post so anyone interested needs to collect it in person and pay cash. I live in Fulham, SW London. NB The colours on the box are not faded - it was kept constantly in a cupboard. I have owned it from new There is a very small tear in the cellophane