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  1. wonderwoman

    My humble beginning

  2. wonderwoman

    《★》WonderWoman's collection 《★》

    I have one sml i want to buy a second one but this was a fake.. i got my money back. .. i will post a photo for you from the original
  3. wonderwoman

    《★》WonderWoman's collection 《★》

    Thanks a lot But im very sorry I will delete the sml photo its better for me...
  4. wonderwoman

    《★》WonderWoman's collection 《★》

    I think 85 points is very good soo happy thanks at all
  5. wonderwoman

    《★》WonderWoman's collection 《★》

    Its the pal uk edition I will post a photo from back
  6. wonderwoman

    《★》WonderWoman's collection 《★》

    Click on the picture to get more details
  7. wonderwoman

    《★》WonderWoman's collection 《★》

    I got it from a very good friend of mine The price is a secret ;) How can i understand that? They destroy the games? My english is not the best °-°
  8. wonderwoman

    《★》WonderWoman's collection 《★》

    Idiot him i hate people that do this shit...
  9. wonderwoman

    《★》WonderWoman's collection 《★》

    And yes thats bad (about the warning) im often online but not always...
  10. wonderwoman

    《★》WonderWoman's collection 《★》

    I bought sml on a other plattform and than i saw that he sells other games on ebay.de too but it was to late... the games was on the way... but i will get my money back thats clear.. the pay pal guys help me
  11. wonderwoman

    《★》WonderWoman's collection 《★》

    Hey he put all his old games out of ebay...as I wrote him a •••••••••• mail