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    Bane Voice reacted to tkC in tkC's Superlatives   
    I think when you look at the way most people treat their possessions anything good from eBay is astonishing. 
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    Bane Voice reacted to jemorgan85 in jemorgan85's VGA Collection   
    I doubt it - I know of a couple of others that make my collection look tiny.
    Some statistics on mine:
    ~650 graded games/amiibo
    97.7% gold grades
    82.8% are 90 and up
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    Bane Voice got a reaction from Matthew in Matthews Miniature Miscellaneous...Collection   
    Agree.  Having the first TCG appearance next to the first game app/first cover.  that's a nice set.   
    Can you explain the Space Jam?  
    1st edition common. BUT, a first appearance is always more important then rarity.
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    Bane Voice reacted to BremZ in Matthews Miniature Miscellaneous...Collection   
    Nice stuff Matthew! I still have a few of those Pokemon cards from back in the day somewhere, considering grading them myself, basically cos i love grading...  monopoly board looks pretty good graded, Pokemon Blue though has to be my favourite!
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    Bane Voice reacted to Matthew in Matthews Miniature Miscellaneous...Collection   
    Hi All,
    I have been here about five years now...somehow ()...I've bought some games, sold some games, traded some games etc etc., you all know how it is. However, I do get the odd message now and again from people asking "where is your collection thread?", to which I give the same answer: "My collection is so small, it's not worth sharing..."
    Well, with my latest addition earlier in the week from Dave, I have hit my milestone of double figures, so I thought what a way to celebrate by posting my, *ahem* "collection."
    My intention is not to hoard like many impressive collections already posted, but rather keep it to a minimum. I honestly don't see myself owning many more titles, but I'm sure that'll change  I'm not really focusing on one particular system/era.
    My only regret in these five years is not seizing the opportunity to obtain a Super Mario Bros. All Stars 90 ; and trading that infamous "Pokemon Cereal" to Mike/Sephiaya in a desperate trade, who obviously passed it on to another member... 
    Regardless, behold! And thanks for looking! 
    P.S.: Apologies in advance for the poor photo quality. It was harder than I thought to get lighting right; and I thought my iPhone8 would take better pics ()...but you get the gist. Shoutout to all those members who have perfected the art of picture taking!  












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    Bane Voice reacted to justice in Roshan's Sealed PAL Collection!   
    Fuck thats my music which i love! Must be an 80s/90s song! Great collection thread-soundtrack added Roshan. Good taste!
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    Bane Voice reacted to Roshan256 in Roshan's Sealed PAL Collection!   


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    Bane Voice reacted to BremZ in BremZ Showcase   
    Little addition to the N64 section, not the greatest title by any means but never came across another one sealed so decided to pick it up. 

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    Bane Voice reacted to GPS in GPS's VGA Stripshow   
    Ladies and Gents, I present to you the first ever graded orgy of N64 Mystical Ninjas, Australian and US versions.
    Arguably one of the finest games on the SNES, with its mix of platform action, RPG elements and that weird brand of japanese humor!
    I haven't personally played the N64 versions, but these will forever remain some of my personal grails. (Have added them all in individual pics on the 1st page.)
    Sexy bunch? I think so!

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    Bane Voice reacted to BremZ in BremZ Showcase   
    Sorry for spamming  
    Last of my graded pieces finally added to the collection to complete my currently graded items. 

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    Bane Voice reacted to justice in ~☣justice´s timeless/nostalgic collection☣~   
    Why u dont look for work to be honest? You had 3 years no job and got all your money with reselling. Thats how u lived all the years long. You resold all your games for loads of money while ripping the people off and bought more and more games of that money. Then resold them again and so on....
    This was to the time u said u are selling out, because u also had no money to that time..
    You even ripped poor GPS off again with 2.5k for Starwing shit snes..you poor clown. He will regret it already.
    To sum all this shit up, me and some others think u still have no job. You are 24 hours online still every day, searching for games on Ebay and reselling your common shit to the people and buy more and more games to resell and resell though u actually sold out people thought?!
    So what are u actually doing? This was all tactic by you to tell the people u are selling out that you can resell all your shit better.
    You always tell the people u have hidden games closed away that u get more attention that people come to you and u can resell your shit better. xD
    Shame that people still buy from you and help you finance your house you want to buy.... - if the people not would buy your common shit, then u would live under the bridge already as you were a skint motherfuc*er now and couldnt be such a happy guy like u are now. Poor people finance your house. Hope they wake up soon. I will help to wake them up.
    You are the no.1 super reseller in the business, its a fact. You are only still in this scene to earn big reseller money, not because u are interested in games. Hope people find out soon, then im happy and many others too who never would tell you their real opinion about you in your shit face!
    If u couldnt resell all your shit on Ebay and to the people you would be just a small guy in the scene, nothing else...
    Oh and btw...i sold games to people lately to which u also wanted to sell games i found out. As they prefered to buy my games, u couldnt sell them your common shit in principle. No wonder u are that pissed now. You in principle see me as a competitor. Interesting...
    Last but not least...i dont write this long post because i care so much for your previous post or am angry about what u wrote..haha --> I only write such a long post to show the people what u are actually for a wrong guy. If u wouldnt be such a wrong guy u are, i couldnt write much about you, but about you there is a lot shit (FACTS!) to tell u know, so i could go on and on with my post..but i think its enough for now to open some people the eyes.
    I am mike and I AM YOUR BRO!!! Buy my games NOW and pay me FAST RIGHT NOW (i am scared someone else sells u games otherwise and u dont buy my games anymore) or im not your BRO anymore and shit on you! I am gay mike:

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    Bane Voice reacted to GPS in GPS' XXX Collection (Xciting Xcellent Xbox)   
    Hi and welcome to my Xbox sealed collection!
    I've been a closet Xbox collector for the past few years, meaning I've never really talked about my Xbox collection all that much. Well now it's time to come out of the closet , and proclaim my love for the original Xbox!
    [More will be added in the coming weeks]
    Collector's Editions/Classics

    First-Person Shooters








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    Bane Voice reacted to jemorgan85 in jemorgan85's VGA Collection   
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    Bane Voice reacted to jemorgan85 in jemorgan85's VGA Collection   
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    Bane Voice reacted to jemorgan85 in jemorgan85's VGA Collection