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  1. Auspinks

    BremZ Showcase

    Lovely adds here Chris!!
  2. Auspinks

    MattyDreads Graded Grotto

    Links Awakening VGA85 right next to Super Mario Land VGA85 in your collection looks seriously good! Two of the best Gameboy grails right there!
  3. Auspinks

    sedy_vadi's sealed Nintendo collection

    Very nice! There's something quite satisfying about having a square game inside of a square photo. They tessellate together very nicely
  4. Auspinks

    BremZ Showcase

    Wii U set is looking really nice now, Chris
  5. An original Wii Fit sealed would actually be a Wii grail! (the bundle box may be a bit too much to grade though haha) Cheers Matty! Think I got pretty lucky with that grade and the 90+ on the sleeved one too lol They make a really nice pair together though I'm at the same stage i've been for quite some time now. Essentially just missing one single game that is known to exist
  6. Auspinks

    BremZ Showcase

    Nice nice adds, mate
  7. Thanks guys! A bit slow with new updates at the minute but will be looking to find better examples of some of my not so good condition games soon. @GPS - Do you mean favourites in terms of gameplay? Or general sealed pieces? In terms of gameplay it would probably be Mario Kart, Super Mario Galaxy... or possibly Wii Sports as it was the first game I ever played on the Wii! In terms of these as sealed pieces I would say my favourites are Kororinpa, Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Mario Party 9. Great cover designs with lovely colours
  8. Update! Special thanks to BremZ for helping me with these Metroid Prime Trilogy VGA90+ Tetris Party Deluxe VGA90
  9. Thanks mate Glad that people are still enjoying this collection! Mario Kart has so far eluded me, but i'm still looking I have the Players Choice version of the game so at least I have one version of Mario Kart. I have almost half of the collection graded now so more than likely I will aim to grade the rest of the collection. I have the majority of the hard to find games already graded so a lot of the others are pretty easy to find and are cheap. (Wii Music, Big Brain Academy, Trauma centre). It feels wrong to be grading games where the value of the game is many times outweighed by the cost of grading but a full graded set would look amazing
  10. Thanks GPS! Who doesn't love a group photo! Some of these games are very difficult to find in 85+ condition let alone nearly perfect grades! I always try to get the best condition where possible but i'm happy to have any gold grade to be honest
  11. Finally i've received my latest batch of VGA Wii games, very pleased with these! Here are a few group photos of series too and finally some gold graded launch titles! (And very early Wii releases)
  12. Gotta love a bit of Shenmue!
  13. Auspinks

    freeman64´s VGA Collection

    Wow, what a collection so far! That Donkey Kong Land 2 VGA95 at the top there is amazing!
  14. Thanks GPS Sure thing! Nintendo have made three different versions of the tear-strip, to date. (Tear strips including the company name on the strip, not including clear strips or recycle strips) It is only the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS that have games using all three versions of the Nintendo tear strips, which makes these extra special to collect for, in my opinion. Three Wii games lived through the entire period of switching between the three versions. (Mario Strikers Charged Football, The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess and Mario Party 8) 1. Original, wide space red tear-strip. - This is essentially the same tear strip colour and spacing that had been used since back in the early NES days! The Wii had around 2 years of game production with this original strip. (2006 to late 2007/early 2008). Only 3 Wii games were made which only came available with this version of the tear-strip, due to fairly short production runs. (Pangya! Golf with Style, Kororinpa and Wing Island) 2. Second version, close spaced red tear-strip. - This version was only around between late 2007/early 2008-2009. The recycle logo is added to this tear strip along with more Nintendo's crammed across the strip. I'm not sure why Nintendo created this version for such a short period of time. (Also considering that the original wide space tear strip had potentially been around since 1985 or so. (21 years!)) I have a feeling it may be to do with the size of the game boxes decreasing, mainly with the DS boxes, which meant that more Nintendo's were needed in close proximity across the box (For consumer impact). I'm guessing some algorithms were used to work out overlaps and potential for getting undesirable half of words across the game etc. 3. Third version, black/grey tear-strip - This has been around since 2009 and has remained the same up until present day. The Nintendo logos on this strip are smaller again so have more scope to be used on smaller cases in the future. On a side note, Nintendo seems to be going back to the old red/white Nintendo colour scheme alongside with the announcement of the new Switch. Strangely enough on Nintendo.com they are showing the new white on red text logo but on Nintendo.co.uk the old grey logo is still in place.