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  1. Lyonz

    Shann's Sealed PAL Collection!

    Some really nice pieces here, lots of good memories with the PS games!
  2. Lyonz

    BremZ Showcase

    I remember "Bomberman" so well growing up, great times and great additions here mate
  3. Awesome Games Keep Em Coming
  4. Lyonz

    Anderwin Collection (NEW)

    Best C&C collection I've seen
  5. Look forward to seeing the other MGS games great start
  6. Lyonz

    Indalamar´s Sealed Collection *update*

    Awesome Games! Especially Resident Evil 2
  7. Lyonz

    Part of my ps1 pal collection

    Totally agree its suspicious only saying it could be a factory error so best to check folds. I wouldn't want to own it for the fact it would annoy me so never deal with them lol
  8. Lyonz

    Part of my ps1 pal collection

    A slanted tear-strip does not mean a reseal as there are many common worthless games this way which can only lead to factory error. GREAT TO SEE SOME MORE PLAYSTATION AROUND HERE! KEEP IT UP ADAM!
  9. Great Xbox collection mate keep it up I remember buying an Xbox only for halo never played any other games on it lol !Fun Times!
  10. Lyonz

    freeman64´s VGA Collection

    Awesome Collection!
  11. Lyonz

    BremZ Showcase

    Nice security guard
  12. Lyonz


    Im only starting to find out about MegaMan missed it growing up nice collection keep it up