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  1. zeros8585's VGA Collection

    I've always thought of having a basement that resembles a game museum! You are the first to see that
  2. zeros8585's VGA Collection

    Unfortunately, yes. I asked them when Vita and Switch will be made VS3 and they said "when they receive the vast majority of items". Doesn't really make sense, especially when the amount of material being used for the case is the same as a 3DS game.
  3. zeros8585's VGA Collection

    I really enjoy N64 (don't have much of it), Game Boy, PSX, Game Boy Color, and obviously NES.
  4. zeros8585's VGA Collection

    About half of my pre-existing collection has been re-uploaded on page #1. Below is a few of the new ones I received recently. Enjoy!
  5. my NES Mario collection

    The Super Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong Classics are very nice.
  6. zeros8585's VGA Collection

    Hi All, I'm in the process of getting everything moved over to Flickr - feel free to check back in periodically as I will be uploading everything I already own back on page #1.
  7. Chuckbiii's VGA Collection

    Final Fantasy III and Chrono Trigger are quite the magical pair! Congrats on those sir.
  8. zeros8585's VGA Collection

    Any reason you put "gems" in quotations? I don't have time right now to take new pictures or transfer all of those pictures over to a new service - perhaps in the future.
  9. zeros8585's VGA Collection

    Ha! What is sad is that I have probably 50-75 gems I have acquired since my last post but can't put up here!