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  1. Happyweed Sealed Collection

    How many gold SM64 do you own? Gold graded NES games, and 90s, are OT - I see you've reached 27 upvotes, Mike. Congrats
  2. Roshan's Sealed PAL Collection!

    The (sealed?) PS2, is that one of the Automobile Collection?
  3. Shann's Sealed PAL Collection!

    Not my gaming era either, but some years down the line I've learned to appreciate some games on the system. That is not fucking rocket science And thats your personal opinion, you are totally entitled to one, as anyone else. I know you are a SNES/ N64 guy by the waaaaaaay I'm outta this thread
  4. Shann's Sealed PAL Collection!

    Now why would you focus on that, when there is a redstrip NES game present? Nick Someday the GASP probably will end up in Mattys collection. Again, circle of life of collecting And for some undefined, really fucked up reason, some are more expose to the chance of obtaining unique items and rarities than others. Matty, Dave, Paul and John (Sandrik) all are - and used to be a some of those magnets. But still, I enjoyed waching their collections so much, that I was not jealous. At all
  5. Shann's Sealed PAL Collection!

    Redstrip NES games are super cool and with the black sticker too.. What more to say, than;
  6. BremZ Showcase

    To be fair, the 10/10 sticker adds character, its like on the Zelda WW.. Also makes it two versions of the game if theres one released originally without the sticker while everything else being the same.. So this sticker is not really that bad (the 100% sticker is annoying though) The holo sticker is in a whole other league than the 10/10 and its just, like the 100% sticker, annoying. Those I guess are the three main stickers? Besides the sealing stickers of course.. Then there is this thing of stickers being inside the cello or on top of it Lastly, awesome collection, BremZ
  7. BremZ Showcase

    Ohhh I did not notice its under the cello.. Jokes on me "Those stickers under the cello can be a bitch to remove".. Well, uhm, yeah But I see what you mean. I just remember noticing in my collecting days that the italian games had those stickers on top of the cello
  8. BremZ Showcase

    Is it italian? Iirc only italian games have got those impossible ot remove without damaging the cello stickers on them? Also you guys have to distinguinsh between UKV, ITA and all the other regions. Like the greek SNES Unirallies wtf I mean, if one of those are UKV, and the other ITA, they are both "one of a kind" for now.. Right? Now I'm actually referring to your copy vs Mattys copy, if that was not clear already.. Which I think it is tbh
  9. BremZ Showcase

    You know, its like with anything else released in limited numbers, either as handouts or sold in selected stores.. Many of the items will go to non collectors, and to people who does not care about condition very much, sadly Thats something I may never understand, if there are only a handful in existence.. Why doesn't non collectors think that "I must be careful with this item. It may be worth a pretty penny someday!!"?? Still, I guess this makes the thrill of the chase even more intriguing and ultimately satisfying - as you know you have one of only a handful of that item in your possession.. Which imo should be the mindset of a true collector. And that, I think it is, to most
  10. BremZ Showcase

    The Zelda TP LE tin is pretty nice.. Wasn't that a freebie that came with the first 200 TPs bought at some game store in the UK back at release? And look at its value now.. Thats some huge rise in price right there
  11. zeros8585's VGA Collection

    Not really. Other than the fact that its video-games and not gemstones.. But they may be gems Like some über rare one of a kind diamond and ruby video-game disc that does indeed work like a regular disc Still, I can see how it could be interpreted like a sarcastic statement. Thats really not my intention at all Relax, I'm not trying to troll you. I'm just saying that they may be gems. I had some items I saw as gems too
  12. A few Mario odds and ends

    Are there both "flat", unused actual N64 game boxes and those Display boxes? Or are all the flat unused ones Display boxes? Just a question that would have kept me awake for a month or two
  13. Aeiko's Sealed Sanctuary

    I've been wondering about that exact same thing for several years now
  14. A few Mario odds and ends

    I just had a look at the collection pics and judging by the skateboard, Mario seems to be mr Hairy Legs Also that "unused" SM64 PC box, that do look neato. Looks like its pretty MINT, why didn't you have it graded?
  15. zeros8585's VGA Collection

    Well you could put up a list of these "gems", or use some other image hosting site than PhotoBucket