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  1. tfsco


    Super incredible seeing all those new graded console variants together what a collection!
  2. tfsco

    BremZ Showcase

    So many big titles here your n64s are a collection already! And great work on the photos the games really stand out. Very smooth setting it reminds me of a game shop.
  3. tfsco

    jemorgan85's VGA Collection

    40 grades and only a few less than 95 that takes skill. The NS skyrim and amiibo metroid set are very cool. All those games would make outrageous game room, unreal collection!
  4. tfsco

    Tfsco's Collection.

    5 years collection. Most of the games I had to be quick buy when the were posted or find them under a rock I did get ripped off and stolen from a few times but there real trophies. Note : A few of the raw copies above are gone I had to sell but the collection was once great I actually had more games but had to sell regret the most... This is my parents console handed down to me with my first played game carts and first console beside there sealed games a great time for me in collecting!