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  1. jonebone

    jemorgan85's VGA Collection

    Nice Bart vs. Space Mutants on NES. Seems out of place in that post, don't suppose you'd want to trade it right
  2. jonebone

    freeman64´s VGA Collection

    Wow at GB Toxic Crusaders, that game is no joke!
  3. jonebone

    Chuckbiii's VGA Collection

    Crazy you got Halo 5, the series died to me at Halo 4. Especially after the Master Chief Collection debacle, I bought at release and that game was unplayable with multiplayer. Series has really gone downhill and Halo 5 reviews showed it. I got them all sealed up to H4 and I never plan to buy another unfortunately. I imagine H1 will always hold a lot of value though because Microsoft will keep pushing them out. I've had more fun with the two Halo Wars releases than any of the FPS stuff after Halo 3 though.
  4. jonebone

    Anderwin Collection (NEW)

    Sweet! I always wanted a C&C collection but the PC market is so niche compared to console... and their boxes take up way too much room. I appreciate the dedication and any fan of C&C is a friend of mine though!
  5. jonebone

    freeman64´s VGA Collection

    Nice tastes and great collection!
  6. jonebone

    jemorgan85's VGA Collection

    That's a lot of golds!
  7. jonebone

    Sealed PC Big Box Collection

    Excellent post! Great diversity there and you don't see a lot of public PC collections.
  8. Nice update man, I know you love your GB stuff!
  9. Nice TMNTs! And nice BIN you hit on that GNG recently, I saw it up but can't believe that game still goes for so much.
  10. jonebone

    retroman86's collection

    Well there's your answer. You know what's better than any of the top 5 games on Genesis? Anything Nintendo Eh just kidding, I do own a couple of VGA Genesis games. Nice pickup Retroman and I'm a sucker for NES Ninja Gaidens. Nice stuff.
  11. jonebone

    Sealed "one-of-a-kinds" thread

    Well, MM6 was produced by Nintendo, not Capcom. So the regular released artwork does not say Capcom, and it is not in the purple border style like MM2-5. This variant rekindles the infamous purple border Capcom style (MMs, CnDs, Ducktales12, Mighty Final Fight, etc.) It also puts Capcom's name back on it when it shouldn't be there?
  12. jonebone

    Sealed "one-of-a-kinds" thread

    Well I'm posting it because it is literally a sealed one-of-a-kind This is 2015 and we are still finding a new, previously unphotographed variant. That is amazing. To put the analogy in perspective for your early era tastes, it would be like a hangtab Zelda or Mega Man being found, sealed, even when there have been no CIB copies previously. I think we all are 99.9999% sure they don't exist, but I'm merely drawing the analogy. It may not do much for you, but it is an amazing find in the NES community. Glad a true Mega Man collector got it, and I'm sure Mofasa is already beating down his door with some ridiculous offers.
  13. jonebone

    Sealed "one-of-a-kinds" thread

    Now this is literally one of a kind, my favorite post of the year so far. The infamous alt Mega Man 6 has never even been found CIB, let alone sealed. Congrats to Forte on NA. http://nintendoage.com/forum/messageview.cfm?catid=5&threadid=155996
  14. Nice to see you make it over here from NA, great progress on your set.
  15. jonebone

    jemorgan85's VGA Collection

    I sold that Pokemon Box to Canada a year or two ago for an obscene price. Can't believe he lost so much money on it, guess he wasn't a Pokemon fan after all.