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  1. Shah

    Scudd's VGA Collection

    Are you there Scudd ?
  2. Shah

    Mega Man Collection

    Great . Specially that Rock Board. 85 + WOW
  3. Shah

    Sandrik's PS3 & PSP Collection

    Heavy rain Audio Box. I wonder whats the audio log like.
  4. Shah

    Notts_Alan's VGA Collection

    Great STuff alan
  5. I Think all of these Factory Sealed games are Amazing stuff there Adam.The collection is Gigantic. Very Nicely Kept.The best thing i like is that you are getting your games graded Gradually. 175 Graded games .. wow. Cool. And one more Big submission on its way :a030: I will keep my eyes open for the pictures on the Showcase. lastly out of these 1700. How many are Sealed ?