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  1. t1redmonkey

    Sealed "one-of-a-kinds" thread

    Is this actually rare now? I remember when I was collecting about 8 years ago, this was literally the most common red strip DS game around, lol. It could be bought for £5 from loads of different places in the UK for quite a long time.
  2. I like reading your updates so I hope you keep adding to your collection and posting photos from time to time I'm kind of on an indefinite hiatus with regards to DS collecting, can't even remember the last time I bought anything but I still enjoy seeing what I have collected.
  3. t1redmonkey

    Sealed "one-of-a-kinds" thread

    This stuff I suppose :s Sorry too lazy to take individual pics of everything, you can delete the second one if you want! Some of it's been sold now actually so technically I don't own all of it anymore anyway.
  4. t1redmonkey

    t1redmonkey's sealed DS Collection

    Mystery Detective, Phoenix Wright, The World Ends With You, Maestro Jump In Music - all games that I've really enjoyed playing and have an element of rarity to them as well.
  5. t1redmonkey

    t1redmonkey's sealed DS Collection

    Yeah I hadn't seen a Tetris like this before so I was determined to get it when I saw it pop up on ebay recently! I'm kind of curious as to how many black case games there are, hard to say as we don't know why they got produced this way. Personally I have four now, those two in the picture, one of the Nintendogs games, and what seems to be the most common one as you say, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue. The 1000 Cooking Recipes 'game' is just another of Nintendo's attempts to brand itself as a producer of lifestyle software I guess. You can pick it up quite cheap from most retailers now. Last Window is the sequel to Hotel Dusk, it's a Europe exclusive as well - for some reason the US never got it! And I think it is in the thread already
  6. t1redmonkey

    t1redmonkey's sealed DS Collection

    Hmm I could see them okay, edited the post anyway so hopefully should be viewable by everyone now! Yes I do remember his collection as being close, but it wasn't complete, he was missing a few games. I said official in inverted commas as I'm referring to the Nintendo published games that came with a red tear strip in the UK. There are certain games on the DS which were released with a red tear strip but only in certain PAL regions, not the UK. And in addition to this there are a few 'error' releases that came with a red tear strip but shouldn't have (later prints didn't have them, e.g. Draglade, Boing! Docomodake). And I'm too lazy to take everything out of my bookshelf and organise them for a proper photo or I would! Oh and I just realized I'm missing one game, Cooking Guide, which is pretty funny considering it's the most common title out there - I'll get round to it
  7. t1redmonkey

    t1redmonkey's sealed DS Collection

    Finally completed the 'official' red strip DS collection after I picked up Korg DS off ebay the other day: I also got these 2 for my 'black case error' PAL sub-collection : And this is all the other crap I've picked up since the first pics I posted, just to keep this collection thread up to date:
  8. t1redmonkey

    t1redmonkey's sealed DS Collection

    There's about 1350 DS games that have been released here I think, but you need to remember a hell of a lot of that number is complete shovelware which (in my opinion) any self respecting collector should stay well clear of! Franchises that spring to mind are the 'Imagine' titles and the 'I Did It' games. There's also loads of 'hidden object' type games that no doubt took a few days to develop if that, puzzle games that were basically made to cash in on the success of Nintendo's Brain Training series, a lot of Sudoku clones, and other titles clearly designed for nobody over the age of 3. I think if you filter all of those out, there's probably like 700 releases that I would call 'actual' games.
  9. An up to date look at everything in my DS collection to date. I've got quite a bit of catching up to do; I've not bought many of the games released in the last six months or so as I've been busy with moving house and paying for an expensive holiday but I'll get round to them eventually
  10. Nice to see another DS collection on here, great selection of games as well