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  1. Kim's Zelda PAL collection

    @BremZ /solved.
  2. Chippo's PAL Playstation ® selection

    Awesome games Chippo! Someone's a Pandemonium fan? Also I gotta say, great to see some obscure PS1 titles!
  3. Aeiko's Sealed Sanctuary

    Upvoted just for that Paper Mario
  4. Kim's Zelda PAL collection

    Another Zelda fan? What is it with this franchise... Regardless, mighty impressive collection Kim! Awesome stuff!
  5. Haha cheers Matty! Almost as epic as yours? Thanks Sandrik! I agree... Though these titles are really hard to find unfortunately I guess that makes you appreciate them even more...
  6. Haha thanks John! Yeah it's a slow build...or maybe I'm just too damn picky...
  7. Haha thanks mate! Yeah I can't imagine a game I've played more in my life, so it's fitting. SMB3 truly is the best game ever! Thanks Roshan! I'm actually thinking about getting the Wartortle & Blastoise too, cos Squirtle was my starter back in the day...It's looking quite lonely by itself in the cabinet... Haha. Space Jam is the greatest movie of the 90's. Bar none. That's why The game itself is fairly shit... I hope to one day find Toy Story on SNES & Beavis & Butthead on the Mega Drive or Game Boy, and get them graded. Those two movies/shows were awesome too!
  8. Haha thanks Dave! Yes, as the old saying goes: "it's not the size of the wave, but the motion in the ocean that counts!" Thanks Justice! Haha yes I agree! There needs to be more collection threads...some people have some awesome gems lying around...but we may never know...
  9. Thanks Chris! Ahahah yeah some of those Pokemon Card Holos from back in the day graded sell for a pretty penny! And I always wondered if someone somewhere has the original base deck fully graded. That would look awesome! The card is more sentimental value for me than anything
  10. Thanks @tkC & @sedy_vadi! Just tryin' to mix it up! Some games on my "want" list are quite hard to find (as they are on platforms other than Nintendo ). Ah well. I'll keep playing the waiting game... Haha nah don't think so. A gift from the girlfriend a couple of Valentines Days ago. Also that and the Monopoly are moreso "novelty" graded items that I thought I would include
  11. Hi All, I have been here about five years now...somehow ()...I've bought some games, sold some games, traded some games etc etc., you all know how it is. However, I do get the odd message now and again from people asking "where is your collection thread?", to which I give the same answer: "My collection is so small, it's not worth sharing..." Well, with my latest addition earlier in the week from Dave, I have hit my milestone of double figures, so I thought what a way to celebrate by posting my, *ahem* "collection." My intention is not to hoard like many impressive collections already posted, but rather keep it to a minimum. I honestly don't see myself owning many more titles, but I'm sure that'll change I'm not really focusing on one particular system/era. My only regret in these five years is not seizing the opportunity to obtain a Super Mario Bros. All Stars 90; and trading that infamous "Pokemon Cereal" to Mike/Sephiaya in a desperate trade, who obviously passed it on to another member... Regardless, behold! And thanks for looking! P.S.: Apologies in advance for the poor photo quality. It was harder than I thought to get lighting right; and I thought my iPhone8 would take better pics ()...but you get the gist. Shoutout to all those members who have perfected the art of picture taking!
  12. Chippo's PAL Playstation ® selection

    ^^^ The delay in question...