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  1. Gators300

    NTSC Sealed Zelda Collection

    Love this!
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    Aeiko's Sealed Sanctuary

    Yes, that 95 MM is amazing!
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    jemorgan85's VGA Collection

    Awesome grade on that Stella Glow!
  4. Oh man, that is nice!
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    Sephiaya's Collection

    Lol, that cereal is awesome.
  6. Gators300

    Sephiaya's Collection

    Can you tell me why? I see lots of people enjoying this game and I remember I had an equal discussion sometime in this forum, but when I bought it myself as a child I was so disappointed by the lack of RPG elements like in SoM or Terranigma, I didn't get warm with the story and the most disappointing thing for me was that it was absolut linear without the possibilty to travel back to places you have visited before. Nevermind this, a 95 on a non-zelda lttp PAL SNES game is really great. I will answer this. Yes, there are some valid complaints about its linearity, however I was more of an action-adventure RPG gamer, (a la Zelda) than I was FF-type turn based RPGs. Of course I still played them all, I just preferred to 1) have enemies you can fight be on screen and 2) fight them quickly and move on without having to deal with protracted battles for enemies you have no chance of losing to. But beyond that, I enjoyed, more specifically, the varied environments and the way actual human history and locations are used in the story. For example, they incorporated the Maya, the Tower of Babel, Nazca, Angkor Wat, and the Great Wall of China, (among others I probably don't remember, as it has been like 15+ years since I played the game) and they all fit in an amazing story while you get to explore/visit these iconic locations. I think that, if you have any kind of appreciation for history, going back and playing Illusion of Gaia/Time will really open your eyes as to why so many people like it. Of course, there are some gameplay elements that could have been better, but I loved switching between characters and the story had me intrigued, although it does start a bit slowly if I remember correctly.
  7. Gators300

    Andy's sealed collection

    You have a very nice way with words there, i got a slight trouser tent. All of this homo-erotic talk from everyone on here lately! Soon this place will be known as Sealed Gay Heaven!