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  1. oh i dont see this Question My Blister Games are: Banjo Kazooie, Turok 2 and Secret of Evermore and you want to sell 1 of your 2 Kirby Blister Games? If yes: can you PM me your price and some Pictures?
  2. kirby *-* realy nice Blister Collection, i have some Blister Games too, but your Collection are Awensome
  3. Undead

    Gemini-Phoenix's Sealed PAL GameCube Collection

    damn -.- pls nxt time if you will play a sealed Game= say me, i buy this sealed game from you and buy with this money a open game T_T btw:... i must set my collection here too my Sealed games are all German Pal, but maybe i collecting only UK for now. on Wii and DS Games in German we have a big f***ing USK Shield on the Frontsite of the Box >_< I have collecting German Pal, was easyer and i would have a Collection in my Language, but if is see all the GB/GBC/NES/SNES/N64 Games, i can all collecting only the UK PAL, onl< this have the Red Tear Strip for a Month i have buy the UK PAL Version Metroid Prime 2 from ebay.de, i have allready the German PAL, so i can see the difference on the Box.(UK have Pegi and German have USK, but the pegi shield are not going bigger like USK) Is all english yes, but why not? I never play Sealed Games, so i dont have a problem now if i collecting only UK PAL Games(most of my Games i play, i need it in German, for easy playing)