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  1. Geobros

    Sealed "one-of-a-kinds" thread

    Amazing photo with 5 very rare items....
  2. Geobros

    MattyDreads Graded Grotto

    Huge collection here with great pieces.....
  3. What a great collection mate! You have so many great new additions the last years I hadn't seen. SMW and MMX....wow!! Only serious collectors have so beautiful pieces....
  4. Geobros

    1Upped VGA NES games

    This collection is so so impressive. Many congrats Upped for your patience to have all those beauties!
  5. Matey!!! what a grail in your collection for one more ime?? Unfortunately i voted only +1 when i would like to vote +10!!! Congrats!!
  6. Geobros

    Gamesgaryjp's PS2 Sealed PAL Collection

    wonderful additions Gary! This Age of Empires has to be really rare. Your collection is awesome!
  7. Geobros

    Geo's SNES PAL Sealed Collection

    Thank you, I appreciate your kind words! When i tried to post up your comment i had already reached the maximum, of course i like your comment ZF!!
  8. Geobros

    Geo's SNES PAL Sealed Collection

    Cheers my friends!! @Sanna I have not opened the console as it's sealed but i am 99% sure that there are no Spanish instructions inside, only the greek with the yellow triangle.
  9. Geobros

    Geo's SNES PAL Sealed Collection

    Finally!!! After long time of research a Snes sealed console in my collection. I feel more than happy because this is exactly the SNES console that i bought when i was young. Also, I post a photo with all my sealed Nintendo consoles.
  10. Geobros

    Mega Man Collection

    The Megaman II is just epic Sanna, +1 from me!!
  11. Well said Darksol! Unfortunately, there are few collectors who are thinking like this way.... BTW... For me, this collection is more impressive than many sealed collection i know.
  12. This is just a very impressive collection!!!
  13. Geobros

    My sealed ps1 collection

    Many congrats mballi to your additions! I love the Contra full cover!
  14. Ohhhh.....why I forgot it my friend?? That is another Holy Grail!!!! hahahahahahah!!!! No mate, i am not jealous now, I am more than happy when Grails like SoE are in the best collector's hands, it just fits perfect in your collection. But to be honest, in the past i wasn't happy when you were posting games like these......