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    My name is Jovan, I love playing video games even more so collecting them. I primarily collect anything that I feel drawn too, whether it's the game box artwork, or just the fact that I enjoy a certain game or series. I currently only collect Playstation games and consoles, but also do have Nintendo games and consoles in my collection. I've been playing forever, and started collecting years ago.


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  1. Indalamar´s Sealed Collection *update*

    some PS love
  2. zeros8585's VGA Collection

    Wow, you're killing it with some sweet adds lately! Awesome!
  3. freeman64´s VGA Collection

    very nice also is that SoE a Jap copy or Mexico
  4. freeman64´s VGA Collection

    Holy hell batman, some great games here. Nice variety as well. I like seeing collectors dab into a mixture of different consoles rather then sticking with one. Loving the Zelda sets, also I like your first gen pokemon grades, 90+ red and 90 blue nice... where yellow at tho
  5. tkC's Superlatives

    kirby got me Also that Pocket bomberman up top
  6. zeros8585's VGA Collection

    WOW I wish I can get a shipment like that haha. This is epic man, great grades and games all together.
  7. zeros8585's VGA Collection

    Epic console with an epic grade. I am considering sending mine it soon! How much did this sucker cost to get graded if you don't mind me asking. shoot me PM if that works better.
  8. zeros8585's VGA Collection

    nice adds
  9. BremZ Showcase

    dude this collection is fucking epic!
  10. Derek's sealed collection

    Beautiful games, and all gold too Haven't seen a gold graded crash collection like this on SGH yet (correct me if there is, but I don't think so). Also PSX yea buddy, best console ^_____^
  11. HadoukeNido's VGA Collection

    she's a beauty
  12. I have a nikon d5100 I think my lighting is screwed up, I need to buy an LED light the regular lights are not working too well lol. I like your backdrop to, what type of material is that? I need to fin something of that sort. But yea your pics/games look legit. Great collection too, I love nintendo, I may start up on that soon!