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  1. Thanks mate .. i previuosly owned a red strip snes controller but that was before i was properly going hard on snes and ended up selling it on .. regretted it ever since so im very happy to get another one . think i have only seen 2 or three of them over the years
  2. Another item for my to be graded pile
  3. yeah mate , all our collections evolve as do our collecting habits .. i love that mp2 85+ and the mario golf 90 congratz on all your new additions
  4. now thats one epic update ... they look amazing together you just need a zelda lttp non sticker version now
  5. sending these grailz to vga next week ... hope to get a gold or two :
  6. Very nice mate . hopefully the tech mod will add the uploader when he gets a chance
  7. Nice start mate .. keep up the good work ... my favorite is the Zelda Majora's Mask VGA95 ...
  8. Very nice mate .... that game belongs in my collection
  9. Thanks to my Gay brother from Aus for this upgrade
  10. To all my genuine sealed game friends .... To all the jealous pricks and happyhaters that talk shit to people behind my back ... me not care , it actually makes me try harder to get games ...
  11. Thanks for all your comments guys once i get 2 more snes games i will do a big group photo .. so if anyone has anything i need please contact me
  12. At last , a new addition to the snes collection
  13. Forgot about these grailzzz
  14. great additions matty .. about time you made a comeback
  15. haha , yeah glad got half of my n64 collection for them i'm sure the happyhaters will be loving this