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  1. Here I am, growing older all the time, feeling younger in my mind.

  2. XBONE or PS4? for the first time im considering gaytation

    1. Fezi


      I wont decide until there are at least two titles I want to play.

    2. mestizo


      yeh there seems to be a really weak lineup of release titles, nothing I even wanna buy

    3. Lizard Slayer

      Lizard Slayer

      Finished the killzone single player tonight, I thought it was good game and probably the best looking game I have played.

  3. Pokemon Gold VGA90!!! Wo0o0oT!!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. mestizo


      never seen a ntsc gold 95

    3. rarebucky
    4. mestizo


      bucky must show me the ntsc pkmn gold 95 lol

  4. "Project M" for super smash bros brawl is AMAZING! Go download the mod NOW!! :D

  5. Updated my VGA collection thread ^_^

  6. Sega n atari added :)

  7. Here, let me poke your mouth with a metal spike and you pay me 200$ for it k thanks :D

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    2. justice


      EDIT: Just had a look in the received thread... :D - WOW! :cuddle:

    3. Gamesgaryjp


      Well done mesti, congrats!!!!

    4. Lizard Slayer

      Lizard Slayer

      Now you can say "ok,you are gonna feel a small prick in your mouth'

  8. Will be gone till June 13. Hopefully I will be Dr. Mestizo on June 14 >_<*

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    2. wrk


      Do work, Mest!


    3. CheaAhh


      Do your best and good luck bro.

    4. Gamesgaryjp


      Are you a dr yet mesti?


  9. Grades back! ^_^

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    2. mestizo


      Got something you would appreciate. Armored Core 2 Another age or PS2 (my fave game for it) 85+. Pretty happy bout that. PS2 is so hard to get 90 on SMH lol

    3. Gamesgaryjp


      Nice! Post that sizzle!

    4. mestizo


      When my load gets in I will be sure to

  10. Level 50 woot!

  11. lvl 40 nyyyuuugggaasssss

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    2. sephiaya



    3. VaderRx


      Second accounter. Booster. Lag Switch. LOL JK bud.

    4. mestizo


      44 now bad kid scub nub cakes

  12. H4 Skill rank 30! in like only 2 day :lol:

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    2. mestizo
    3. mestizo


      otherwise you can go to and search your gamertag and see your ranks there but the official website sucks, that other one is better

    4. VaderRx


      Bunch of retards for not putting it in-game.

  13. So if you sell your doubles and use 100% of the cash to buy another game does that count as a trade?

    1. sephiaya


      The IRS is onto you :o