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  1. xPicrossx

    Sandrik's Retro Collection

    Agreed, it's an amazing collection !
  2. Definitely, but unfortunately I live in a small appartment, so both of my cabinet are stocked in pieces until I get a REAL home I can't even enjoy them ^^ Anyway, thanks you all, I'm glad to see that there are some foreigner who enjoy Blister pack and don't see french people as jerks
  3. You're Welcome frozen Didn't post for a while, here is a little update of what I received these last mounths
  4. There it is And my advancing blister packed Mario's collection:
  5. New arrival, not a blister but I love it Stay tunned, I'm waiting for a new kickass blister pack !
  6. I know well the owner of this zelda, link-tothepast, he is the one who bought the late Zelda 1 Nes at 1500€ Btw the collector who has the "regular" blister pack of link's awakening, is the "monique" we talked about from ebay. justice: I saw some other Nes titles, with games in german or uk in blister packs, such as: Mario & Yoshi http://i40.tinypic.com/4tlngz.jpg Yoshi's Cookie http://membres.multimania.fr/blistercol ... cookie.JPG Some crap ^^: http://membres.multimania.fr/blistercol ... 20golf.JPG
  7. Thank you guys ^^ I already saw some blister packed Megamans, I used to have Megaman 2, but in a really bad condition so I sold it, take a look: http://img265.imageshack.us/i/0802.jpg/ I also know some others: Megaman 3 NES: http://membres.multimania.fr/blistercol ... an%203.JPG Megaman X Snes: http://www.servimg.com/image_preview.ph ... u=14443244 (the game is Uk into the blister pack ^^) And the Megaman Gb you saw on ebay I heard about a big french collector who is supposed to have the 5 Megaman Nes in blister pack, but I never saw a picture actually. nikki: Thanks, I know I miss those titles, but actually, I sold pleny of blister packs lately, I decided to focus on the titles that I love in blister pack, so these one does not interest me anymore By the way, my lattest addition:
  8. Well personally I could pay that much for a blister pack, but not for a Zelda, even if I love this game, I definitely would do it for a Mario Bros 1 for example... And finally it occurs that the buyer of this zelda is my friend : http://www.link-tothepast.com/2010/11/t ... er-rigide/
  9. I'm not sure yet but I think I know very well the buyer, it occurs that he is a friend of mine but he didn't answer to my asking yet, I'll let you know Pit56 is looking for a sealed Zelda 1 but he'll never pay it that expensive.
  10. Sorry I'm kinda busy these days Lux: I don't know about the Pix N Love thing, I just know cyberguile from some forum, he hang out just a little on a forum where I am moderator, but I didn't hear that he was contributing to Pix N Love. By the way I agree, french are becoming crazy with blister rigides, I remember some years ago, even good games such as Mario's were quite cheap, not over 150€... "Most sellers are just nice people though" --> Most french people are assholes... Arc: Thanks ^^ Hope you'll get some blister pack games you wish The Zelda Nes is a Masterpiece, but as a student I can't afford a 1500e game anymore :/ It has been sold outside ebay at 1550€, the buyer is from Belgium. So I guess I'll never get one of these, except if I ever win lotery ^^ Xevious: Thanks buddy !
  11. Wow, well I understand why you are pissed... I know that lately he had some issues with some buyers, because he apperently had some "personal problems and didn't send what he sold on time". But obviously that is not someone trustable.
  12. oO What an ass ! Actually I'm not really surprised, I called him a "friend" because I speak with him on the Msn, but he is kind of weird... So finally you didn't have your games ? Did you get your money back at least ? Enzephalon: Nope it's not cyberguile, I know cyberguile a little in some forums but he doesn't seem to be a bad guy.
  13. Sure, that is a friend of mine who sold these. But I'm not really into N64, even If I want to try to get all sealed mario's in blister pack. By the way the Nes Open Golf he tried to sell used to be mine, but I exchange it with him a year ago
  14. Hi arc blader55 Well I had the chance to get 2 blister packed Kirby, I bought the 1st one to a friend 2 or 3 years ago for 130€, and I had the second one a few mounth ago 100€ on ebay, I've been lucky on both of them ^^